20 Dog Body Language Queues and What They Mean

Do you love dogs? Have you ever wondered what a dog is trying to tell you through its own body language? The reason a lot of people get into trouble with a dog is because they either don’t know how to read the body language or they simply ignore it. In almost every case, a dog will give you more than enough warning before it actually bites. The truth is, most dogs bite out of defense when they feel threatened. It’s actually rather rare that a dog bites simply because it has aggressive tendencies no matter what the situation. That isn’t to say that it doesn’t happen, but more often than not, when a dog bites someone, it’s because the person made a mistake that precipitated the situation in the first place.

If you’re able to learn more about the body language of dogs, it makes it easier to understand when you might be doing something that is inadvertently pushing them too far. By the same token, it gives you the opportunity to learn what some of the other things your own dog might be doing that you haven’t previously understood. The better the two of you understand each other, the closer your relationship will be. One of the things that makes it so difficult to understand dog body language is that they have a tendency to do many of the same things when they’re feeling different emotions. This gets people into trouble when they are only focusing on that one particular behavior. Instead, you have to look at the entire dog and match all of the body language together in order to understand what the dog is feeling at that particular point in time. If you’re only looking at whether or not the dog’s ears are up or down or if the tail is wagging, you could miss some important cues they could get you and your dog into trouble later on down the road.

If you learn to pay attention, you will find that dogs can communicate with people just fine. The truth is, most dogs have no problem communicating with humans, even though they obviously don’t speak the English language. Their language is one of body language. They show us what they want and what they don’t want based on the way they act and the way they carry themselves. Make no mistake about it, dogs do understand many words in the English language and the truly smart ones often understand enough words to equal that of a young toddler. Therefore, if you’re talking unfavorably about your best friend within earshot, that dog may very well understand some of the things that you have said. More importantly, your dog understands your tone of voice. If you sound angry, your dog is going to respond accordingly. For some dogs, that might mean fear or submissive behavior. For other dogs, it could lead to aggression. The most important thing to remember is that you should always speak to your dog in a calm voice. Collect your thoughts before you speak. Screaming at your dog in anger or yelling out of panic isn’t going to do anything except make whatever is happening worse than it already is.

In order to truly bond with your dog, or even to get along with someone else’s pet, one of the best things you can do is remember that your dog picks up on your feelings. All dogs are capable of understanding how you are feeling before you ever utter a single word. The more calm that you can allow yourself to become, the easier it is for the dogs around you to become calm as well. On the other hand, if you have a tendency to panic or anger easily every time something doesn’t go exactly the way you want it to, dogs will pick up on that as well. Unfortunately, this usually makes them more anxious and merely exacerbates the situation that is already going sour. That’s why it’s so important to understand body language. That way, you can understand what the subtle signals really mean. Below is a list of 20 different behaviors and what they typically mean. As previously mentioned, there are a lot of behaviors that dogs will exhibit that actually have different meanings. These are discussed as well, so it’s important to pay attention.

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