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  • Nancy

    He’s so darn cute! How about Davy Jones? Can he sing?

  • Nancy

    Here’s another idea. He looks like a little puffball. How about “Cotton?”

  • Dana

    his name should be tribble :)

  • Mairianna


  • kurstin

    snowball or fluffy!

  • Maddy

    I totally agree ;)

  • http://puppytoob morgan mcdonald

    i think it should be roxy! this puppy is soooooooooo…. CUTE!!!!

  • Vairy

    Awe, so cute.. I’d name him/her “PEPPER.. Makes others ask why? lol

  • Carol Hedlund

    I think he should be named SNOWBALL,he is white and small like a small Snowball.

  • Jackie H


  • Tricia

    snowball or cotton! :D