20 Dog Breeds You Don’t Want Around Cats

We all know that some cats and dogs can live happily ever after in one harmonious home. However, there are actually a number of canine breeds that just weren’t cut out to coexist with cats. Therefore, unless you want to referee a free-for-all as Fido chases Miss Kitty all over your house, pay attention to this list of those particular breeds that just aren’t particularly feline-friendly and probably never will be. Whether you have one of these breeds and are thinking of getting a cat, or you already have a cat and may have been thinking about what breed of dog to get, this information can help to keep your beautiful home from turning into a war zone.

The following list really isn’t meant to be a black and white revelation of any kind, but just a short list of dog breeds that tend to be more prone to chasing cats and viewing them as prey than most others. It also includes a few dog breeds that just don’t tolerate cats due to jealousy. Basically, some dogs are more readily accepting of cats as friends. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of a cat owner to do some in-depth research on a specific dog’s breed and temperament prior to adoption and letting the dog cohabitate with a cat.

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