20 Dog Breeds Most Prone to Obesity

Obesity is a serious disease that can affect our four legged friends as seriously as the human masters. The disease is defined by chronic excess of weight of more than 10% over the breed’s optimum weight. Some dog breeds are especially prone to weight gain and obesity however humans are of course the leading cause of obesity in canines. All dogs are vulnerable to excessive weight gain if they are overfed and under exercised by indulgent owners. Neutered and older dogs, which live mostly indoors, are particularly prone to obesity. A dog’s metabolism will slow as he gets older, much like our own. If the owner continues to feed an aging dog the same amount as when he was a younger and more active the dog the pet will inevitably gain weight. Owners of certain breeds need to be especially cautious to protect their pet against the dangers of obesity. This is because some breeds are genetically predisposed to weigh gain and retention. Here’s our list of the top 20 dogs breeds prone to obesity.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a friendly and alert little dog. They are impossible not to spoil and for this reason can easily gain excess weight. They are not at all fond of going outdoors and content to avoid exercise if they are allowed to develop the habit. They’re also too cute for words and very clever. If the owner succumbs, in a moment of weakness, to giving their Shih Tzu a high calorie treat the sharp little dogs won’t forget and will pester their owners for more of the same. Because of their size, Shih Tzu do not require a lot of food in an individual sitting and can develop grazing habits easily if indulged. Human food contains many more calories than the tiny Shih Tzu needs. Owners must avoid developing problems with weight gain by keeping the balance right between calories in and calories expended in exercise.

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