20 Dog Breeds Perfect for Cold Weather

This winter so far has been one of the coldest on record throughout the central and eastern United States. Due to freezing and unending Arctic winds, the two-week stretch between December 23rd 2017 and January 5th 2018 set many record lows. Cities affected included Green Bay, Wisconsin; Buffalo, New York; and Flint, Michigan. Many more areas also saw record low temperatures. For a dog owner, extreme temperatures are often a source of considerable stress. You must consider the effects of these conditions on your pets. For example, frostbite is a real concern with even short-term exposure to very-low negative temperatures. On the other hand, certain breeds of dogs are well-suited to cold temperatures. If you are considering adopting a new furry companion, and you live in a cold climate, then our list of Twenty Dog Breeds Perfect for Cold Weather is worth checking out. Read on to learn more about these awesome, weather-resistant canines.

Karakachan Bear Dog

This breed was originally bred to be a livestock guardian. They were first used by the eponymous Karakachans, nomadic shepherds from Bulgaria. The dogs would guard the flock of sheep effectively – not hesitating to fight a wolf or even a bear to keep the sheep safe. Due to their origins in the mountainous regions of Bulgaria, Karakachan Bear Dogs developed a double coat consisting of a straight, stiff topcoat and an extremely heavy undercoat. The topcoat acts as a protective layer, while the undercoat provides the dog with the insulation it needs to stay warm. This breed has come into the international spotlight a couple of times in the past few decades. When George W. Bush made a visit to Bulgaria in 2003, he was presented with his very own Karakachan Shepherd. Seven years later, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria gave Vladimir Putin a Karakachan as well – which he still owns to this day.

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