The 20 Fluffiest Dog Breeds in the World

What is it about fluffy dogs that attracts us so much? If the owners are asked, many would say that their dog is cute. Fluffy and soft is certainly high on the cute factor. But scientific researchers tell us that it’s much more than that. When dogs and people look at each other, both experience a rush of the oxytocin hormone. That’s the same hormone that is experienced when parents bond with their babies. It also doesn’t matter what gender the owner is. Rises in oxytocin levels as much as 300 percent have been recorded in humans and as much as 130 percent in dogs.

Just by looking into each other’s eyes! So, when that fluffy dog makes us feel like it’s the adorable thing in the world, there is a lot of science to back up the warm and fuzzy feelings. What’s wonderful about it all, is that there is a type of fluffy dog to attract most any human. Just as humans have preferences for straight, curly, wavy, long and short human hair, fluffy dogs come with all those different preferences. Some of the fluffiest of all have scads of curls, and others have long and sleek locks.

Here are 20 of the truly fluffy:

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