20 Things Only Maltese Owners Would Understand

A dog is the most cared for pet in every home. It is such a darling to many, and that’s why some people keep two or even more. With many breeds of dogs, one chooses what he or she wants based on their personalities. Others choose on the basis of the characteristic, while others on the basis of outward appearance. If you have been a dog owner and have never adopted or even desired to keep Maltese, there are so many things you probably are missing about them. Maltese is a dog breed famous for its dark oval eyes with jet-black rims, long, cascading snow white coat, and gentle disposition.

Maltese date back to 3500 B.C when it was spotted on the island of Malta from the southern coast of Italy. As a matter of fact, among the European toy breeds, Maltese is the oldest. He has a good origin, given that the Roman governor of Malta, Publius had one that he named Issa in the first century A.D. Poet Martial made Issa famous by giving him all the praises the world could offer, referring him as purer than a kiss from dove, gentler than a maiden, more frolicsome than Catulla’s sparrow, more precious than Indian gems, and other sweet descriptions. Maltese is also the ladies best pet which started during the time of ancient Greeks as witnessed from aristocratic ladies.

Greeks appreciated Maltese by building tombs for them, and in addition, they honored them in the art that started in the 5th century. You’d see how precious Maltese were especially in Egypt where you could find their statues everywhere. It was a friend of the wealthy during the Roman and Greek Empires and later became a rich people’s dog during the British Empire. Dating back in 1792, Maltese was a jewel of women as they carried him in their bosoms. Maltese gained popularity within a short time, and in the 19th century, it was a common breed of dog in Britain, and in 1859, it first appeared in English show ring.

The first Maltese in America was seen in 1877 after entering Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show where it was referred to as ‘Maltese Lion Dog.’ In 1888, the American Kennel Club accepted Maltese for registration. Since then, the rest is history. Maltese is a glamorous and intelligent dog, but there are things you can never understand unless you are the owner. That’s why we have collected 20 things only Maltese owners would understand to help you in case you wanted to adopt one.

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