20 Things You Didn’t Know About Pit Bulls

It is no secret that pit bulls are one of the few dog breeds in the world that tend to have a bad reputation. They are often a dog breed that is depicted as vicious, unruly, and downright dangerous around individuals both old and young. However, many are finally realizing that this is far from the truth. These stereotyped canines are more often than not gentle giants, and only come to that aggressive temperament through abuse and neglectful situations that lead to distrust. In fact, because of these terrible rumors and stereotypical judgments, these pups even end up banned from various areas of the world, and are often left behind at animal shelters and animal rescue organizations. Even with all of this scrutiny, we are here to reveal to you the real truth when it comes to this breed of canine.

When it comes to pit bulls, as we eluded to before, there are many different falsities about the breed itself, as well as their characteristics. That is why we are here. In this article, we are going to count down the top twenty things that you didn’t know about pit bulls, and the things that you have gotten totally wrong about the breed in recent years. Whether it be their temperament, their characteristics, or the history of the breed itself, there is a lot to cover. With all of that said, let’s get started with our count down.

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