20 Things You Didn’t Know About Saint Bernards

The Saint Bernard is a breed of dog that is usually associated with rescuing people in the Alps with a barrel of brandy around its neck as this is the way they have been depicted in the media. This dog is also perceived as being a loveable and peaceful breed, despite its large size. Although this is a well-known canine breed, there are plenty of things that people do not know about Saint Bernards. Here are 20 interesting facts about Saint Bernards that you probably didn’t know.

They Originate from the French Alps

Unlike many breeds of dog that are currently recognized by The Kennel Club that are actually reasonably new, the Saint Bernard is a breed with a long and interesting history. They share a history with the Sennenhunds and were originally the farm dogs of farmers living in the French Alps. The first written record of this breed dates back to 1707 when the monk of the hospice at the Great St. Bernard Pass wrote about these dogs and painted them. The monks were given their Saint Bernards by farmers living in the area. These dogs were smaller than the Saint Bernards we recognize today. Many of the saint Bernards dogs were wiped out in avalanches. However, the monks tried to improve them and preserve the breed by breeding them with Newfoundlands which they had come across after the breed was brought into the area.

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