The 20 Worst Dog Breeds for Seniors

Being a senior citizen (for the purposes of this list will be people who are over the age of 62) means there are many things that will change in your life. Things tend to be slower, and you are looking more at what to do with the remaining years of your life rather than planning for a long and prosperous future. It is just another stage of life, but one that will have you making many important decisions. Seniors who have children are likely to either have them already grown and gone, or are hoping that they will soon be gone – only to return for the holiday and special occasion visit. While the quiet time will be appreciated, companionship with a faithful canine is something that is also appreciated. But which dog is the best suited for a particular situation will depend on a number of things.

First, there is the living situation. There are three basic types to deal with, each with its own set of problems.

  1. living in your own home
  2. living in an apartment
  3. living in a retirement home or assisted living facility

Then there is the issue of whether the senior currently owns a dog or wants to be a first time owner to have as a companion for security and other reasons. Though this article is not intended to address these issues in detail, it can be said that the possibility of a long time owner of a dog may see their companion die before they do, and a decision will have to be made as to the future of a new dog. New dog owners are likely to need assistance for the first months of having a new dog for housebreaking and training purposes.

The following list will narrow down some of the choices, eliminating the worst choices for the care of the dog and the senior. They are not listed in any particular order or preference, as some breeds may be a really bad choice depending on the owner and current or future living situation.

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