The 20 Worst Dog Breeds For Shedding

Everyone loves having a dog in the home, whether it is because of their fun loving spirit, their energetic and playful behavior, or their affectionate personalities. Honestly, there really is little to complain about when it comes to man’s best friend and their tendencies. The only thing that really comes to mind that can often drive people a little insane is the shedding. Yes, almost every dog breed out in the world today sheds some sort of amount of fur or dander throughout the year, and at different extents as well. This can be particularly troublesome for those that tend to suffer from pet allergies or other allergies that can arise from dander. If this sounds pretty relatable to you or someone you know that is a dog lover, then it might be handy to figure out exactly which dogs would be could to steer clear from when it comes to shedding, and that is why we are here. We are going to count down the top twenty dogs that have the worst shedding problems and what types of shedding you could possibly face. so, with that said, let’s get started!

 The Two Different Types Of Shedding:

That’s right, there are, in fact, different types of shedding that can occur throughout the various breeds of dogs, and it all comes down to one major factor — The thickness of their coat. There are many breeds that have, over the years, adapted and evolved, leading them to have double coats to help them in their environments and for protection, in a sense. These coats include a regular fur coat on top with varying hair lengths along with a very thick coat that lies underneath. If your breed of dog has this type of fur double coat, the amount that they shed is way more intense, causing them to lose their entire coat at two or three separate times of the year. We will get into more detail about this differentiation between shedding as we count down the breeds of dogs on our list, but it is good to know the differences that can occur when it comes to shedding their fur and dander. Now that we have had our lesson in shedding, let’s begin our countdown of the breeds with the biggest shedding problems.

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