7 Things you Didn’t Know about the Pomeranian Chihuahua

The Pomeranian Chihuahua, or PomChi, is a small hybrid dog that only weighs between five and twelve pounds. They are energetic little dogs with a lot of personality. Many people like this breed because of the size. They are great for elderly people who would have a hard time caring for a large breed, those who live in small spaces, such as an apartment, and for those who just want a little lap dog. This breed has characteristics of both the Chihuahua and the Pomeranian and it all depends on how strong the lineage of each side, as to what could be passed on to the offspring. If you have ever seen one of these breeds, then you may be familiar with the dog, but here are seven things you didn’t know about the PomChi.

1. Not an officially recognized breed

Canine registries are for full breeds and not hybrid or crossbreeds. Although a breed of dog may be popular and there are a lot of them being bred, it doesn’t mean that they are recognized with registries such as the AKC. They are strict in their requirements and regulations as to what constitutes a breed of dog and is able to be registered with their organization. If a breed tries to tell you that a PomChi is a full breed and tries to sell you a PomChi puppy at a full breed price or give you papers, claiming they claim are AKC registered, you should walk away from the sale and find a different breeder. Breeders that do that are not reputable and should not be dealt with.

2. Have sensitive skin

The PomChi’s are known to have very sensitive skin and it should be dealt with gently. Although some of the dogs may have thicker hair from their Pomeranian lineage, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get down to their skin easily when brushing and irritate their skin. It’s important to brush PomChi’s gently so as not to hurt their skin and avoid bathing them in water that is too hot. Cool to slightly warm water is the right temperature. It should not feel uncomfortable to your touch, at all. Check their skin regularly to make sure there is not any redness or irritation. Use brushes that have soft bristles and not harsh metal brushes that can scrape skin or tear out clumps of hair. Brushing your pup regularly helps to prevent tangles, which can cause harsher brushing and a possible skin injury.

3. Sociable dogs

Many people associate a snooty little attitude with the Chihuahua breed and imagine the PomChi to have the same personality. PomChi’s are actually little social butterflies. They love people. They love children and the elderly, anybody really. This is what makes them great family pets, because they are everybody’s dog, as opposed to the Chihuahua, which tend to attach themselves to just one person in the family and stay aloof with everyone else, including strangers. They also do well with other pets.

4. Love their toys

This is a breed that doesn’t need much exercise. Where big dogs need to get out and walk, run and play and have plenty of exercise, this is an easy breed that is happy simply playing with its toys, and boy, do they love their toys. They can keep themselves busy and happy for hours playing with their own toys, so if you own a PomChi, be sure to keep them stocked up on plenty of little toys. They also like a variety to choose from since they get bored easily with the same toys. You may want to invest in a basket to hold all their toys. It also gives them access to all their toys in one place. Having their own toy basket gives them the freedom to go find their perfect toy.

5. Can get testy

Ok, so although this breed gets a long well with all kinds of people, that being said, they do not like to be rough handled or mistreated. Small dogs tend to get testy when handled improperly, have their hair pulled or anything else that makes them nervous or hurts them. They can bite and will bite if they are mishandled, which is something children, most of all, are more prone to do. It is not only important to train your PomChi and socialize him well, but it is also important to monitor children around your dog, especially small children who may not realize they’re being too rough.

6. Think they are bigger than they are

PomChi’s are notorious for thinking they are much larger than they really are. They will swear they are a big breed of dog and can exhibit an attitude that lets you know they think they’re big. Many people who have this breed and have had one for a while will tell you that PomChi’s are tough and view themselves to be a dog on the same scale as large breeds. They will stand up to any dog, big or small, so it’s important to monitor your dog around other dogs, especially bigger dogs to prevent a situation that might cause an injury to your dog.

7. Hard to housebreak

This little breed can be stubborn. Where does he get that from? The Chihuahua side or Pomeranian? Hard to say, but Chihuahuas are definitely a headstrong breed, and this can make it difficult to housebreak a PomChi, however, they are highly intelligent and are easy to train when it comes to teaching them tricks. When housebreaking, it’s important to stay consistent, firm, and patient. If you get impatient, you will have a harder time getting your dog to understand what he needs to do because he starts feeling frustrated. You will also want to use gentle training methods, as they can get nervous easily. Do not hit or yell at your PomChi or you will raise your dog to be a nervous and untrusting adult dog.


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