The Best and Worst Dog Breeds for College Students

Your choice of the best and the worst dog breeds can make you the best or the worst student in the class. Like people, you need to find the type of dog that is compatible with your personality and college lifestyle. If you are thinking of getting a dog to move into your off-campus housing situation, make sure there are no limitations on the size of the dog established by the lease when you sign it. Whatever type of dog you choose to get, remember that it was never created to sit inside all day, though there are breeds that mar more comfortable being by your side than running around in search of friendlies.

The first basic type of college lifestyle is the out and about, I need my freedom, style. This lifestyle gives you a far greater selection of dogs breed to choose from because most dogs like being out and about. Your major limitation will be your food budget, so if it is tight then you will have to avoid breeds like the Great Dane or Saint Bernard, whose weight can easily exceed 200 pounds. Be sure to select a breed that likes activity as opposed to needs activity. Your schedule and class demands can change, restricting your active lifestyle and with it, restricting your dog’s outdoor time.

The second basic type of college lifestyle is the limited social, high study type. There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle, no matter what other people think. But the dog you choose has to be comfortable being indoors and somewhat lazy for the better part of the day. That eliminates high energy dogs who require large, wide open spaces to romp and roam on a regular basis. That would also eliminate most large dogs since they will require more space than your study sofa to be happy.

For either type it is important to realize that your party habits are not included in your lifestyle. So regardless of what type of college lifestyle you fit into, leaving your dog alone to go party does not account for what has been previously described as outdoor activity. The dog will be expected to be part of your outdoor activity, just like having a girlfriend or boyfriend. Speaking of which, your girlfriend or boyfriend needs to get along with your furry friend, otherwise trouble is looming around the corner.

The Best and Worst breeds will state the preferred college lifestyle for each dog, to make things easier for you.

SL = Study lifestyle

FL = Freedom lifestyle

The best qualities in a dog breed that make for a good apartment dweller choice are adaptability, a reasonably low energy level, easy to housebreak, and being comfortable by itself for medium length periods of time. Most dogs will require grooming (especially if you want one who will keep you warm in colder climates) so the easier it is to maintain, the better choice it is for your situation. As you scan through this first list, remember there are specific breeds under these main breeds, and the difference in temperament can impact the long term well-being of your dog – and you.

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