The Six Different Types of Chihuahua Dog Breeds

Chihuahuas are a very interesting breed of dogs. They are loyal and entertaining, and have an eccentric personality that makes them one of the best companion dogs in the world. The Chihuahua breed is also one of the most diverse, at least in terms of coats, colors, and shapes. While they come in only two coat lengths (short hair and long hair), they boast a wide range of variables that have led to their classification into six different types: long coat chihuahua, smooth coat chihuahua, teacup chihuahua, apple head chihuahua, deer head chihuahua, and pear head chihuahua. Here is how to differentiate the six different types of Chihuahua dog breeds.

1. Long-Coat Chihuahua

As the name suggests, the Long-coat Chihuahua has generally long hair that, surprisingly, does not shed as you would expect. However, it still needs to be combed and groomed for the dog to stay tidy. The dog comes in several colors and the coat is extremely smooth, with a whiskery or velvet texture. It is important to keep up with the dog’s bathing and grooming needs, as neglecting these needs can have a negative impact on your Chihuahua. It takes at least three years for the long haired coat of a Chihuahua to grow to its full length

2. Smooth-Coat Chihuahua

This dog has shorter hair, unlike its counterpart – the long haired Chihuahua. As result, it comes with relatively less combing and grooming requirements. However, it has a very high tendency to shed and is therefore not recommended for people with allergy issues. On the flip side, the short haired coat means virtually no trimming and less grooming. This makes him ideal for people who are too busy to trim, groom, or comb their Chihuahua. Of course, he will need the occasional bath. The smooth coat Chihuahua has different color variations and can either be a deer head or apple head Chihuahua.

3. Teacup Chihuahua

The Teacup Chihuahua is any dog of its type that weighs less than 5 pounds with a height of 9 inches. The only difference between the Teacup Chihuahua and the other types of Chihuahua dog breeds is just the size. However, it is important to note that in order for a Chihuahua to be recognized as a Teacup, it needs to be an adult dog while meeting the height and weight requirements. If it outgrows these requirements when it reaches maturity, then it is not a teacup Chihuahua.

4. Apple Head Chihuahua

The name “apple head” comes from the apple-shaped head of this particular type of Chihuahua. Apple head Chihuahuas also come in a number of colors or color combinations, and can have a long or smooth coat. They have prominent 90-degree angle (referred to as a stop) where the muzzle and forehead meet. This juncture basically forms an “L” shape, symbolizing an apple head, which is the most distinguishable feature of apple-head Chihuahuas. Their necks and jaw lines are generally shorter than that of deer head Chihuahuas. Because of their apple shaped skulls, these types of Chihuahuas tend to feature more prominent and expressive eyes than their cousins.

5. Deer Head Chihuahua

The deer head Chihuahua also attributes its name to its facial characteristics, which resemble a young deer’s face. Like the deer, this breed variation has a conspicuously long muzzle, a sloped forehead, and large ears. They also come in both long and smooth coats, as well as a variety of colors (with fawn being the most popular). The deer head Chihuahua has a longer muzzle than the apple head, and a slope (instead of a ninety-degree angle) where the muzzle and forehead meet. They also boast longer legs and subsequently, a taller body height. Their ears are larger and remain upright and erect when fully developed. They have longer necks and a longer jawline and are believed to come with fewer problems.

6. Pear-Head Chihuahua

The pear head Chihuahua is probably the most unpopular type of Chihuahua. In fact, the term is very specific and only Chihuahua breeders are familiar with their description. Their head shape is very similar to that of a deer head, but looks more like a pear (as indicated by their name). They generally have a flatter skull, as well as a larger and more prominent muzzle than the other breed variations. Pear head Chihuahuas are usually bred by crossing a deer head Chihuahua with an apple head Chihuahua.

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