Golden Cocker Retriever Temperament: What To Look For

Golden Cocker Retriever

Hybrid dogs are incredibly popular, and they’re big money-makers for breeders. However, it’s often difficult for those buying dogs of this nature to figure out what type of dog they’re getting. Sure, you can say you want a Golden Cocker Retriever and know that you’re getting a designer dog that was created by breeding a golden retriever with a cocker spaniel, but what kind of temperament will this particular dog possess? The answer is nearly impossible to give because each one is different.

When you have a golden cocker retriever, you could end up with a dog that looks just like a cocker spaniel and behaves like a golden retriever, vice versa, or a good mixture of both. There is simply no way of telling. So what is a potential dog owner to do? The answer is simple; learn as much as you can about both breeds and hope for the best. In all seriousness, this hybrid could have the temperament of either or a marriage of both, so knowing what to expect can provide you with some guidelines as far as expectations are concerned. We’ve done the dirty work for you, so all you have to do is take a few minutes to read the information we’ve accumulated.

Cocker Spaniel Temperament

This is a dog that is very sweet and very loving, and it adores people. Cocker spaniels are not overly aggressive dogs by nature, and they’re more friendly than anything else. When properly socialized as puppies, they can be quite entertaining and open. However, if they’re not properly socialized, they can be aloof. With strangers, these dogs are friendly and not aggressive. They’re not going to actively seek out strangers, but they are not likely to growl or take any sort of negative approach to people. It’s not a very protective dog. The cocker spaniel is not going out of its way to ensure that you are safe or protected, and it’s not one that barks often. This means it might not think to warn you of strangers or recognize when a stranger has less than ideal intentions. It’s an intelligent dog that’s easily trained and smart.

On a bad note, however, these are dogs that are very excitable and can have one major drawback; trickles of urine when exceptionally excited or exceptionally scared. It’s gross, obviously, but the dog has so many great characteristics that it’s hard to let this one potential issue scare you. Cocker spaniels are great with children and other pets, and they make wonderful family dogs. If you’re looking for a dog that will have these characteristics, you will be happy to know that the golden cocker retriever could have some or all of these characteristics depending on the breeding. Of course, it could also have none of these characteristics and be just like a golden retriever. You just never know.

Golden Retriever Temperament

Most people think they know everything about the golden retriever. This is a dog that has some of the most wonderful personality traits around. It’s smart, obedient and very family-oriented. It’s a dog that has great manners and is prone to listen to instruction the first time around. It’s a dog that loves kids and loves to play. It loves exercise and will want to go outside on a regular basis to play and run around. This is a dog that has great skill when it comes to sports, such as hunting. It’s also the kind of dog that will protect your family.

It’s large, so it can be intimidating to those who don’t know the dog. However, it’s not an aggressive dog. In fact, it’s a very friendly dog that would rather spend its time being pet than engaging in battle. However, the golden retriever is smart enough to recognize friend and foe, which does make it a protective dog.

The golden retriever is also a very loyal dog and it will stand up to protect you or the children in your home. It’s a good watchdog. It won’t engage in a fight except in instances it has no choice, but it will bark to alert you to strangers. And it will make sure that you know anytime someone has come near your home, in your home or on your property. These are just a few of the potential characteristics that your golden cocker retriever might have when you bring it home.

Similarities and Differences

Your dog could end up a great mixture of both its heritage breeds or more like one than the other; the same goes for its appearance. If the dog has more of the cocker spaniel look than the golden retriever look, you’re going to be in need of a good brush and extra time every few days to give the dog a good brushing. Cocker spaniels need frequent baths, but golden retrievers should not be bathed too often to avoid skin irritation.

Both dogs are unhappy with people who leave them alone regularly. Both will engage in separation anxiety issues such as whining and crying such as the cocker spaniel is prone to do, and even chewing on personal items such as the golden retriever is prone to do. On a different note, the golden retriever requires a good bit of exercise on a daily basis whereas the cocker spaniel does not. It’s not a lazy dog, it simply does not have the same exercise needs as the retriever.

Now that you know what characteristics each of these dogs have, you might consider how they could affect the puppy you adopt or purchase. You won’t know what you end up with as far as need and temperament until your dog is home and you get to know him or her. However, you can arm yourself with the knowledge and information that is available to you by getting to know both breeds. They’re very different breeds, but they have a lot of similarities that makes this hybrid breed one that is usually worth it to purchase or adopt.

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