What Exactly is a Teacup French Bulldog?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the French Bulldog is a relative of the English Bulldog, though there has been more than enough divergence for the two to be counted as separate breeds. In short, the exact origins of the English Bulldog are unclear, but one popular line of speculation is that the breed came from the Mastiff, which in turn, came from the Molossus. This is rather remarkable, seeing as how the Molossus was a prized breed of the Molossians in Epirus so popular that it had spread throughout the Mediterranean world and beyond by classical times.

Regardless, the English Bulldog took a serious hit when bull-baiting was outlawed in 1935. However, the English Bulldog had become popular for other uses by that point in time, which is why it managed to survive. In time, people began breeding the English Bulldog with Pugs and other smaller breeds, thus resulting in smaller and smaller English Bulldogs. Eventually, Nottingham crafts-people who had been displaced by the Industrial Revolution chose to settle in France, where their smaller English Bulldogs proved to be rather popular. There, the demand was so high that the smaller kinds of English Bulldogs became difficult to find in England, while the fashionable nature of said animals resulted in the French beginning to breed them for further distinction. The exact changes are unclear because no coherent set of records were maintained, but some people have speculated about crossbreeding with pugs and terriers to introduce stand-out characteristics such as their long ears, thus producing an animal that is very different from its English cousins.

What Is a Teacup French Bulldog?

As a result, a teacup French Bulldog is a French Bulldog that has been bred to be as small as possible. This is because of the consumer interest in teacup dogs, which received a huge boost from various celebrities with their teacup dogs. Unfortunately, this is something that has resulted in some serious problems for the dogs themselves.

Simply put, teacup dogs are created by breeding the smallest dogs in litters with one another. The problem is that this can cause a wide range of health problems to pop up. For example, some teacup dogs suffer from liver shunt, which is essentially a genetic condition that makes it difficult for their livers to do their job of flushing out toxins. In contrast, other teacup dogs suffer from sliding kneecaps, which can cause problems that range from increased chances of arthritis to an outright inability to walk. Even worse, teacup dogs are notoriously fragile even when they are not suffering from inherited conditions. One excellent example is how they lose their body heat very fast when exposed to cold weather, which is why teacup dog sweaters are so common. Another example is how they have fragile bones, meaning that they have a very difficult time surviving incidents that would result in injuries but nothing more for bigger, healthier dogs.

Summed up, people should think carefully about buying teacup French Bulldogs. In fact, they should think carefully about any kind of teacup dog because the consumer interest generates demand for what can only be called unethical breeding practices.

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