A Brief History Of The National Mill Dog Rescue

If you weren’t aware already, there are thousands of pups all across the nation (and the world for that matter) who are being treated poorly in many different circumstances that they more than likely did not choose for themselves. Many of these animals are often found neglected and in abusive, detrimental situations in puppy mills and other commercial dog breeding scenarios where they just can’t fend for themselves or their livelihood. However, with the help groups and volunteers, such as that of the National Mill Dog Rescue organization, hundreds of these dogs and puppies have been saved, and found their forever homes all the same. In this article, we are going to give a bit of a brief history about the National Mill Dog Rescue, and their mission that is making a change for these animals every day. Let’s get started.

First founded in 2007, this Colorado based rescue organization has made it its mission over the course of 11 years to help these animals that don’t have a voice for themselves. It all began with a small Grey Hound named Lily, who was rescued from her life in commercial breeding, where she was neglected and abused as a puppy mill mom for seven years. The neglect was so horrible that when she was finally saved from her situation, parts of her mouth were completely rotted out and in dire condition. She was saved by the founder and now executive director of the National Mill Dog Rescue, Theresa Strader, who found her at a dog auction. It was there that Strader saved Lily and twelve other dogs, and began her mission to give the animals the lives that they so rightly deserve.

As clearly seen, this organization focuses solely on saving the lives of those canines that are “thrown away” by their previous owners in the commercial breeding industry. The National Mill Dog Rescue works also to use these animals as a way to educate the general public on the cruelty and neglect that comes to play in commercial breeding and puppy mills all across the nation. Their goal is to, of course, is to one day bring the commercial breeding industry to its knees, and save countless animals in the process. Since their beginning in 2007, the National Mill Dog Rescue has endlessly proven themselves as one of the greatest non profit organizations that is out to save the lives of these animals. In fact, since they initially started, the organization has worked to rescue and protect the lives of over 10,600 dogs and puppies.

The National Mill Dog Rescue is made up of mostly volunteers who are also fighting for the lives of these puppies and dogs all across the nation, and who are working to make this issue a topic of interest in the lives of many. If you would like more information about the National Mill Dog Rescue, or if you would like to find out how you can help in any way, including adopting a canine for your home, you can find everything that you need on their website, as well as across social media.

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