Arabella: The Dog Who Waited Too Long for a Forever Home


Have you ever thought about getting in touch with a dog rescue center? What has held you back? The reality is that whilst some rescue dogs find homes quite easily, others seem to get held back and have been looking for a good and friendly home for months, sometimes even years.

The is certainly the case with Arabella, a 5 year old brown and white pitbull mix, who has been with RAD Rescue in Tucson county, Arizona, for three years. She initially arrived with all of her puppies but these have gradually been adopted, leaving their mother behind. For some reason, nobody wants her, which is very sad given her loving personality.

The only thing about Arabella is that she isn’t a great lover of other pets. She would rather have all of the limelight and the attention to herself, which is perfectly reasonable given the experience she has had. This said, she absolutely ADORES people, especially if they give her a toy or a treat of some kind.

Arabella is fully up to date on her medications, has been spayed and microchipped.

She would be OK with children (as long as they aren’t too young) but if you have a cat or a small animal (or indeed another dog) you are probably not the owner she is looking for.

RAD Rescue are not overly fussy when it comes to location of adoptees and as long as you pass their vetting process they will happily let you adopt a dog no matter where you are. They evaluate all of their potential new homes on a case by case basis. Of course, in an ideal world, all their dogs would go to someone local so that the dog doesn’t have to travel huge distances and the stress can be limited.

During their adoption process they would vet your home, specifically checking out your yard and the amount of space that you can offer the dog. For example, it could be that a big dog is not suited to your place, especially if you only have a small yard, but a smaller dog might be more suitable. There is generally always a dog for someone. You just need to find the right one for you and likewise the right owner needs to be found for each dog. The new owner will also need to get references and pass an initial trial period, which is vital so that the dog can get to know you and the new situation and you can get to know the new dog. Once this trial period is over, you will be able to adopt the animal.

There are some fees involved which are as follows:

  • For senior dogs (age 7 or over) the fee is $95.
  • For puppies (under 6 months) the fee is $250 (a puppy obedience class is included in this fee).
  • All other dogs are $125.
  • This fee will go towards helping the running costs of the rescue center.

If you are interested in hearing more about Arabella RAD Rescue would love to hear from you. It would be brilliant if she could get a new loving home.

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