Boy Without Shoes Gives Stray Dog a Sweater


Every once in a while a story is handed down that strikes a deep and resounding chord in the heart of people from around the world. We were privileged to hear about the boy without shoes who took the sweater off of his own back to give it to a stray dog in an act of unselfish humanitarianism. While there are so many animals who struggle for their day to day survival, there are also people who are doing the same, with little more than the strays who wander the streets in search of their next meals. We want to share a story of this young man that didn’t have much himself, but took what he had and shared it with a stray dog in an attempt to make the animal a little more comfortable in the cold weather.

Where it took place

Karachi, Pakistan is where Mohammad Belaal Imran was doing his freelance film work. He was busy doing what he does when he saw something that took him totally off guard. In front of him was a stray dog but it wasn’t just a normal looking animal. The dog was wearing a sweater. He thought that it was novel enough, but the story that unfolded just a few moments later pulled at his heart strings.

The story is told

As Imran attempted to catch the dog a boy came running out yelling the dog’s name. The dog’s response showed that the two had a definite connection. The two frolicked as through they hadn’t a trouble in the world. This was a story that simply had to be told. Imran is certain that the boy is one of the countless street kids in Pakistan who survives in the best way that he knows how. While the weather was cold enough to warrant giving the dog his sweater, the child didn’t even have a pair of shoes to protect him from the cold.

The best is yet to come

Imran was so moved by this experience that he shared the photo that he had taken of the boy and the dog. A friend of Imran decided to set up a GoFundMe page in order to raise money that will be directed specifically to help the boy and the dog. They plan to provide proper clothing for each, food, medical care and shelter. It was apparent to Imran that this pair are the best of friends and that you cannot really help one of them and not the other. The Azad Foundation has a website that provides additional information about how all interested parties can help children like this one to have the things that they need through their donations.

Final thoughts

It only takes n special moment in time to turn our thoughts towards others who are in need of the basics for survival. No doubt Imran was not thinking about feeding the poor as he was busy with his freelance film work. The special images that he captured on film havce touched the hearts of many and have gotten them thinking about those who need a helping hand. It is truly amazing how one well shared story from a personal and unique happen chance experience can start a movement that has the potential for improving the lives of many.

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