Bus Driver lets Stray Dog Ride Along During Storm


In a world in which people are becoming increasingly self-consumed, it can be a challenged to find consistent acts of kindness. While horror stories of atrocious acts are far too common, those feel good stories that make you smile and believe that there are hope are hard to come by these days. Fortunately, all hope is not lost. There are still people who take the time to care about something other than themselves. In fact, there is one story that has gone viral — an act of kindness shown by a bus driver for a stray dog during a rain storm.

Rain can sometimes be depressing and put people in bad moods; however, recently, a huge rain storm brought out the best in a metropolitan bus driver in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When the city was hit by a torrential rain storm that left the city reeling, one bus driver took it upon himself to provide some comfort for two of the city’s four-legged citizens. While it is not that uncommon to see passengers of the four-leg variety on the bus, it is extremely rare to see them riding unaccompanied by an owner.

The bus driver reportedly spotted two dogs that what attempting to take cover from the rain, and he noticed that they were shivering. He stopped his bus and carried both of the animals on board. According to the passengers on the bus, the dogs were frightened by their encounter with rain, and they seemed overwhelmed. According to Stella Maris San Martin, one of the passengers, he never attempted to put the dogs off of the bus, and he spoke to them as if they were his own.

It seems that most of the human passengers were actually impressed by the act, rather than being put off by it. Some were so impressed that they took pictures and videos to share on social media. While it is not clear what happen after the original passengers exited, whether he picked up even more animals or not, it is clear that his act of kindness had an immensely positive impact on everyone who was fortunate enough to experience it.

At current, the driver has not been identified, but he is being referred to as a hero. The act of kindness by this bus driver has touched the hearts of so many people that a post of one of the photos on Facebook has been shared more than 10,000 times.

If you are wondering whether the driver will meet any disciplinary action once he is identified, the answer is no. While animals are not normally allowed on the buses, the driver’s supervisors are actually praising his efforts, and they are hoping that he will eventually come forward.

With so much hatred and malevolent activity being present around the world, it can be easy to take on a cynical mindset, in which it can be easy to expect the worst from everyone; however, there are still people out there who literally have a deep-seeded concern about others. This is just one instance that reminds us that there is still hope.

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