Dog Brothers Stuck in Shelter for 118 Days get a Home

Dog Brothers

Animals are very much like people in that they become very attached to their siblings. When they are separated, it can be heartbreaking for them. One pair of dog brothers in Los Angeles went through those sad circumstances recently when they ended up in a shelter in separate cages. Their names are Bentley and Homer and they love each other more than anything in the world.

They were placed in separate cages because, upon arrival there, one of the staff thought that one of them was acting aggressively. He probably wasn’t, but there’s a lot going on in those shelters and it can be a shock to a dog when he has to go there. These dog brothers ended up there because the family that they thought loved them was moving and couldn’t take them with them. I know times can be hard for some families, but I’d rather live on the street than leave my dog behind. Dumping dogs in shelters for one reason or another, no matter how valid the reason may seem at the time to the people doing it, is an all too common occurrence these days. Dogs are our family members and we would never even think of leaving any other family member behind in a shelter. Right?

Dog Brothers 3

Now, these two dog brothers loved each other so much and needed to be together, so they pawed at their cages and paced around the tiny area trying to figure out how to get back to each other. They just couldn’t live without one another and were literally dying of loneliness from the separation. During those 118 agonizing days in the shelter, Bentley lost 10 pounds and Homer lost 13. They didn’t want to eat and their paws were cut and bleeding from trying to get out of their cages. All they wanted was to be together.

One day, a kind lady named Emily Ghosh, who is the founder of Live Love Pet Care and Animal Rescue Services, heard about these sad dog brothers and started searching high and low for a foster family to take both of them so they could be together. Through friends, she met a good man who owned an acre of Riverside property upon which he was building a new home. He had been looking for a companion for that new home and Emily asked if perhaps he might want two companions instead of just one. And, the rest is dog brothers history.

Dog Brothers 2

Those horrible 118 days are behind them and the two dog brothers are living happily in Riverside, CA, with their new Dad. They’re wearing adorable Christmas sweaters and sleeping in Dad’s bed. That’s where dogs should sleep, don’t you think? They’ll never again be separated and they’ll always be loved now that they have a forever home. They have a fenced-in yard and lots of room to play and enjoy life. Their new Dad may have started out as just a foster Dad for these two dog brothers, but Emily is pretty sure that they’ve found their forever home and he will be adopting them permanently. Now they’re just one big happy family of three living on that glorious acre in the Southern California sun.

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