Dog Gets Approved for $360 a Week in Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment benefits are something that many Americans not only know about, but rely on during tough times when laid off from a job. One person who was in the position of needing to collect unemployment when he was laid off from his restaurant job in Michigan, is Ryder. The state had approved him for $360 a week of unemployment benefits, which is a great deal, especially considering the fact that Ryder is a dog. Yes, you read that right. Ryder is a German Shepherd and he had been approved for unemployment.

Ryder’s owner, Michael Haddock wrote his story on Facebook, according to ABC affiliate, WZZM, and he explained it, saying, “So my dog Ryder gets approved for unemployment benefits of 360 per week. Not sure what he is going to do with the money but should be interesting. I knew he was clever but he surprised me on this one.”

Haddock, who is an attorney from Saugatuck, talked to local reporters and told them how he had gotten a letter from the State of Michigan’s unemployment insurance agency, and it contained a mismatched name that read Michael Ryder.

He explained to the television station during his interview, “my name is Michael; my dog is Ryder.” I was surprised to see it, but I had a good laugh, actually.”

Once he realized that there was a mix-up, he phoned the agency to try to set the record straight and have the correct changes made. He said that he almost felt like he was reliving his school years when the saying, “the dog ate my assignment,” was popular. He explained how he got the impression that the risk management department didn’t really believe him, or at least, they weren’t taking him seriously, so to prove to them he wasn’t making it up, he scanned the letter and documents and sent the agency the proof.

Since receiving the documents with the incorrect name listed, Michigan UIA is currently looking into the situation and trying to rectify it.

When talking to Haddock about the incident, he said that it all just gave him a good laugh. He also said that he already knew what position Ryder would have held at the restaurant if he really would have had a job there. He would have been the “greeter.”

It isn’t unheard of for company’s, agencies and other business to get people’s names incorrect when dealing with so many clients and the general public. But to have something as silly as approving a dog for unemployment is one of the most unusual name mix-ups and makes for one of the best stories in this type of situation.

It’s hard not to wonder what Ryder would have spent all of his money on, had he been able to keep it. No bones about it, he would have been set on toys and bones, I’m sure.

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