Dog Owner Jailed after Leaving Great Dane to Starve to Death in a Toilet

Great Dane death

When it comes to animal cruelty nothing is worse than leaving an animal without proper food and water.  But the man in this next story is guilty of this crime.  It all started when Anthony Astles became unemployed and unable to take care of his very large Great Dane.  But instead of taking it to a shelter or giving it to someone with a better home, he left it to die all alone.

The dog which was found dead in the bathroom of an RV had passed away due to lack of food.  The very frail animal was almost skin and bones when it was discovered.  The RV which was parked in a pallet yard was also abandoned by the owner of the dog. It is not clear why the RV was placed in this location but it was later taken away by police as evidence.

There is no word on why the man left the dog to die and he has not made a statement on the issue.  But he has been convicted of the crime and was sentenced to 14 months in prison for his actions.  He also has a lifetime ban on owning any animals when he gets out. I for one hope the man never even think about owning another dog.  His actions are something that should not be over looked or forgiven for the rest of his life.  I think that all people who commit crimes against helpless animals should have a lifetime banned placed on them.  I truly hope this ban helps stop this man from doing this again to another animal.

This is a very sad news to share and what makes this even sadder is the fact that he could have simply given the dog away instead of treating it with such cruelty.  This incident has angered many people including the ones that had to investigate the case.  One investigator said that in his decade long service he had never seen anything quite like this before.

But maybe this story will shed some light on animal neglect and help other animals from being treated this way.

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