Dog Stops Burglary at Foster Home: Gets Forever Home

Burglar Dog 1

We’ve all heard or read about dogs doing amazing things from soothing crying babies to savings lives. It’s truly inspiring how our canine companions manage to spring into action when the need arises. And, that need presented itself to a dog named Benny recently.

You see, Benny was a shelter dog who had been horribly abused by one of those illegal dogfighting rings. Somehow law enforcement hasn’t been able to totally put a stop to this horrifically cruel practice, but they’re trying. So, Buddy had been rescued and went to an ASPCA shelter. Better than what he was used to, but not a real home. Fortunately, a young couple took him in as a foster dog. That’s just like a human foster child who stays in the home with people until he or she finds a forever home. Kari MacDonald and Nick Franco are the two parts of the loving couple who thought that staying with them even temporarily would be better for Benny than the shelter. Their beloved dog had died recently and they wanted to help a dog in need but didn’t feel that they were ready yet for a forever dog.

So, they took the three-year-old pit bull home with them in November and gave him plenty of love. He now had a real home to stay in albeit temporarily. After a while, Nick and Kari discussed making the living situation permanent and adopting Benny themselves but were still on the fence because of the recent death of their other dog. They just weren’t quite sure if they were ready. But, something changed that one day.

Nick, Kari, and Benny had gone shopping. When they arrived home, Benny started acting strangely. Nick said that the dog was really pulling on his leash and trying to drag him toward the house. Nick thought that was a little weird since Benny never acted like that, but little did he know what awaited them inside their home. The house was disheveled and things were strewn all over the place. it took Nick a minute or two but he finally realized they had been burglarized. Things were missing here and there and Nick and Kari’s hearts sank while Buddy kept running around, crazily growling, barking, and sniffing everywhere. He knew something was wrong, too.

Just then, Nick and Kami heard an upstairs floorboard creaking and realized that the burglar was still in the house. As Buddy barked and growled, Nick yelled up the stairs, telling the burglar that his pit bull was coming up there to get him. Hearing all the barking, the burglar knew it to be true and jumped out an upstairs window, leaving everything behind.

So, thanks to Buddy and his bellowing bark, nothing was lost that day. That’s when Kari and Nick realized that they just had to adopt Buddy and give him the permanent home that he deserves. After all, how could they not adopt him now that he had been such a hero? So, to this day, Buddy is living happily in his fabulous forever home with the MacDonalds and he even made the cover of the Philadelphia Daily News!

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