Dog Who Was Hit by a Car Waited in the Snow for Help

Dog in Snow 1

It is a horrible thing when an animal is hit by a vehicle moving at high speed. It is an even more horrible thing when the person driving that vehicle fails to stop. Charlie, a beautiful golden retriever, suffered this fate a couple of weeks ago on a street in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. The driver obviously thought he was dead, or didn’t care at all, and so drove off, leaving Charlie to suffer on the side of the road.

Being early January (in fact it was January 11th) it was freezing cold and there was snow on the ground. Charlie was very lucky to be rescued by a couple of people out walking, who spotted his body and were determined to help him before he froze to death. They obviously needed someone with a car to get him to help so they attempted to wave people down and meanwhile kept him warm with the sweatshirts off their backs.

Eventually, Charlie came to the Animal Hospital at Kannapolis. He had suffered badly as a result of both the accident and lying out in the cold for so long and it was clear that he would have to go through some serious medical procedures to get him right as rain again. The key issue that Charlie had was that his pelvis had been crushed during the hit and run. It was going to be expensive. In fact it would cost $4000. His owner could not be found and the surgery could not justify the work if the money could not be raised. It looked as if this might be it for Charlie, which nobody at the center wanted. They fell for him quickly and wanted him to get better as soon as possible.

Dog in Snow 2

Thankfully his rescuers came up trumps once again. They had obviously told their friends and family all about Charlie and his ordeal and the animal hospital had kept them up to date with his progress (along with the news of how much the surgery would cost). One of their relatives launched a page for Charlie on GoFundMe and something amazing happened. Within just a few days more than 180 people had come together to fund Charlie’s surgery. They were all from the local community in which Charlie had been hit. It was a very special and emotional sign of goodwill and it literally saved this animal’s life.

That was some time ago now and although it will be a while before Charlie is fully recovered he is certainly on the mend.

It is no wonder that there has been lots of interest in people looking to adopt him. He is a gorgeous dog and very friendly. In the coming days there will be lots of people visiting him and the animal center trying to convince them that they should be Charlie’s new family. Certainly whoever looks after him will be keeping an eye on him in the future and making sure that nothing like this experience ever happens to him again in the future.

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It should be illegal to hit and run on dogs but in North Carolina this is not the case. Surely Charlie’s story is evidence that the law should be strengthened!

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