Dog Who Was Left on the Curb by Previous Owners has a Real Bed Now

Dog on Curb 3

Dogs are perhaps the most beloved and sought after animals for pets. There are many qualities that make these animals so valuable in a home, such as their playfulness, affection, and versatile abilities like acting as a guard or service dog. However, one of the primary qualities that defines a dog is its loyalty.

Too often, however, dogs are not afforded the same loyalty and care that they give to their owners. Such was the case of Boo, a dog left behind by his family on a mattress outside. The family apparently had the same regard for poor Boo as their old furniture, as he was left on the street when they moved. The dog stayed loyal, sleeping on the mattress for an entire month, waiting for his family.

Dog on Curb 1

Luckily, there are those who have the same compassion for dogs as dogs do for humans. Mike Diesel, the founder of a rescue called Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue, is one of these individuals. He was informed about Boo’s situation, and made the effort to bring the dog to his rescue. Although it took time and effort, he managed to get the loyal dog off his street-side mattress. This involved not only taking long hours to bond with the dog and gain his trust, but also a bit of bribery with McDonald’s breakfasts. Eventually, Boo agreed to come to the shelter.

Boo has now found a foster home. Here, he is getting the love and affection he deserves. As well, he finally has a newer, cleaner, and safer bed to rest on. Although this is a major improvement, Boo eventually hopes to be adopted by a family that will be as loyal to him as he will be to them.

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One of the benefits of today’s communication technology is that social media can connect many people to a single cause. In a short period, hundreds of people have already expressed their desire to adopt Boo and bring him into their home. It is amazing to witness the outpouring of support and love that animals in need can bring out of people. He will hopefully find the right family soon, and begin a new chapter in his life.

Although Boo’s story ended well, there are many animals who currently suffer the same trials and challenges. In order to show these loyal animals that they deserve more respect than to be discarded like old furniture, it is imperative that resources like the Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue receive support. One day, every dog in need will hopefully find a loving and suitable home.

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