Dog with Very Sad Past is Happy in New Home

Sad Past

Some of the most unfortunate lives imaginable are lived by the poor dogs who are trapped in dog meat farms. While most countries have laws fighting against such practices, there are thousands of dogs who still suffer and die so that others may have a meal.

The Humane Society International is one of the organizations leading the fight against dog meat farms. They work to shut down farms and bring the dogs to safety. As well, their campaigns include transitioning the farms to other purposes like farming berries to allow the workers to find more humane sources of income.

One recent case saw the rescue of 57 dogs from a meat farm in South Korea. One of these dogs, Sunshine, has already found a new home with a loving family. She was quickly adopted after arriving at the San Francisco SPCA. Although most dogs living in the horrible dog meat farms in areas like South Korea never get the chance to live a happy life, Sunshine has gone from dire straits to a loving home.


Sunshine’s new family is composed of Katie Mickey and her husband Kyle Locke. The couple was dedicated to finding a pet from a shelter in order to reduce the number of animals waiting to find a home. They were extremely happy to find out that Sunshine was coming to a shelter that was less than two hours away, and quickly submitted their application.

Since coming home with the couple, Sunshine has made up for the pain of her first few months. She has had a great time on beaches and playing with toys, but most importantly, she lives a safe and happy life with people who care about her well-being.

In order to raise awareness for the cause, Katie and Kyle have started an Instagram account for Sunshine. This is a great way to show people that dogs flourish when given love and respect. No dog deserves to be used for meat, and seeing dogs like Sunshine who have come through horrifying mistreatment and emerged to be happy and playful is a great way to promote this message. In order to ensure that no dog has to suffer in dog meat farms, it is imperative that greater support and funding is given to organizations like the Humane Society International.

Hopefully, one day all dogs will find happy and loving homes, just like Sunshine has.

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