The Five Most Popular Dog Halloween Costumes of 2017

Halloween is the best day of the year for dressing up and having fun with costumes. You can be anyone you want to be by putting on a costume and dressing up. Well, Halloween isn’t just for humans anymore. Pet owners are having fun with costumes for their pets now, too. Pet care and product companies have been designing lines of clothing, costumes and accessories for pets for a long time now. Some are pretty elaborate, too, and pet owners are having a blast dressing their pets up in costumes, from the little tea cup pups, to even big breeds, like Mastiffs. If you love to dress your pup up for Halloween, here are some ideas for you. These are the five most popular Halloween costumes for dogs in 2017.

5. Tarantula Spider Costume – $17.99

Yes, your dog can be a spider for a night. This funny, Tarantula spider costume was named after the costume’s model, Lucy lu the Frenchie, and she wears it well. It’s a great costume for Halloween and any holiday party you take your pooch to. He is sure to win a costume award with this furry, funny costume. One size fits most dogs, for the most part, so be sure to measure your dog well before ordering. It’s a safe costume that your dog will be comfortable wearing out, so order yours at the link below and just pay, $17.99 when you.

4. Looching The Most Popular Light Brown Lion Mane Dog Costume Wig Pet Festival Halloween Party Fancy Hair with Ears – $13.99

The “Lion look” for dogs, has become a favorite look for pet owners to dress their dog up as. The Looching Lion Mane Dog costume is a big hit and it includes a lion wig that is fur and Polyester. The traditional look is a light brown, however, if you prefer a dark brown, you can order that color instead. Your pet will feel cool and comfortable in the wig because it is lightweight. He will be proud to wear it, especially when so many people stop to get another look and admire him. He will feel as cool as he looks, so have some fun with your pet, dress him up as a Lion and see what happens. The wig fits neck girths form 60-80 and you can take a closer look at this link before ordering one for your dog. What’s more, it only costs, $13.99.

3. Dog Monkey Costume – $29.99

What’s more fun than a monkey? You may event think your little dog acts like a monkey, half the time, so why not let him play the role for Halloween. This adorable little costume is made of lightweight Fleece and is designed as a hooded monkey costume that has big ears and a tail. The main part of the costume fits on your dog’s body and the hoodie slides over the head. Your dog can move freely and won’t feel constricted, and he will certainly get lots of giggles when you take him out. You will just pay $29.99 when you order at the link below

2. Rubies Costume Company Star Wars Classic Jedi Robe Pet Costume – $15.00

Star Wars is still a big hit, and the characters have always been some of the most popular for Halloween, for humans. Now, your puppy can be a part of the Star Wars craze, too, when you dress him up as a character, like this adorable Jedi Robe. It’s a great costume and consists of a cloak and attached shirt, and a belt. The costume can fit a number of breeds, but the suggetsted breeds include Cocker Spaniel, Corgi, Scottish Terrier, and Bichon Frise. If you want more info, check out the link below, then order one for your Jedi pup for just $15.00.


1. Cowboy Rider Dog Costume – $16.99

This is one of the very most popular dog costumes for Halloween this year. It is funny, cute, and your dog can have a blast wearing it. Your cute little pup will suddenly look like a real cow dog, running around with a little cowboy on his back, Yippee Kaya! When you walk your dog down the street, or take him to a party, he will have all eyes on him, and he will love every minute of the attention. Many dogs know they are wearing the costume and it can help bring out their funny little personalities and encourage his good nature. The costume consists of saddle shape clothes you put on your dog. It’s cozy and snug but doesn’t hinder their movements. Take a closer look at the following link. If you want to order the costume, you just pay $16.99.

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