Four New Dog Breeds Added to American Kennel Club List

 Sicilian greyhound

Dogs that are recognized by the American Kennel Club such as Huskies, Hounds and Labradors are going to have new relatives. AKC reported on Thursday that they are going to add four breeds on their list next year. Two Italian breeds, a working breed and a herding breed are going to be officially added on the 1st of January 2015.  All of these breeds have successfully satisfied the AKC requirements. The addition of four breeds will make the lists’ total of acknowledged dog breeds to 184.

Cirnico dell’Etna also known as “Sicilian Greyhound” will join the family of hounds. This Italian breed canine has a tan and shot coat. They also have a very distinctive elf-shaped ear. An island dog that is very active and good in hunting rabbits.

The Bergamasco is the second Italian breed that will join AKC and the packs of herding dogs. These canines are friendly and lovely animals with a thick curly hair. Their hair gradually grows and after five years it’s too long that it can touch the ground. According to the Bergamasco Sheepdog Club of America, these pooches only need to take a minimum of one bath and a maximum of three baths a year. Don’t you think it’s cool? But I wonder if how they’re going to smell if they only take a bath once every four months.


The Bergamascos: Image via AP/American Kennel Club

The third dog breed is the Spanish Water dog. This canine is also a herding dog. A very active medium sized canine with a curly hair. When it comes to grooming, the coats of this pooch are required to be evenly sheared at least once a year. Shearing their coats is believed to affect their temper: moody, strong-willed, manipulative and territorial. The Spanish Water Dog Club of America warns that “this breed is not for first-time dog owners”.

Spanish Water dogs

Spanish Water dogs: Image via AP/American Kennel Club

South African Boerboel will join his cousins Boxers and Great Dane soon, which are classified by the AKC as the “working group”. Just like his cousins, they are big and athletic dogs. Boerboel’s are also very good with kids and they get so attached to its owner. But beware because they are dominant as well and the American Boerboel Club recommends having them socialized.


Boerboel: Image via Tom Pitera/AP

So there you have it, the four breeds that are soon to be recognized by the AKC. If you are interested to have a dog to call your own and don’t care about its’ breed, please visit the shelters near you.


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