German Shepherd Police Dog Dies in Stabbing; Officers Gather to Mourn


Meet Aren. Aren is a K9 German Shepherd police dog that has done some amazing work. When he and his handler, Brian O’Malley, were called to a scene where a father and a son were fighting and arguing in their gazebo, they were not worried about what was happening to them. The fight seemed like any other fight; two men just going at it and officers were called to make it stop. When they went to take down the suspects and make them stop their fight, the younger one got away. That’s when the officers ordered the dog to run after him and keep him at bay. When Aren reached the suspect, however, he was stabbed. Officers were unaware that the man was brandishing a weapon, and Aren was not wearing his K9 protective vest.

He was rushed to a nearby vet to help save his life, but sadly his injuries were too substantial and he was unable to make it. This poor dog was pronounced dead not too long afterward, and his officer is crushed. You see, these gorgeous dogs live with their handlers and their families. They are so much more than just friends and coworkers. They are family, and for this to happen to a family member is an unbearable heartache for so many officers. The entire town, and officer from near and far, gathered to say goodbye to this dog this week, and it was a very touching and emotional tribute on their part. This is a dog that will be missed.

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