Little Dog Was Frozen and Nearly Done For Until an Officer Arrived


Life can be really hard for an abandoned dog, but it was especially hard for a tiny little chihuahua mix who was alone and freezing to death in a snow bank recently. Somebody either lost her or had just thrown her away like she was trash in Cheektowaga, N.Y. All of us folks who love our animals find it unconscionable that anybody would ever mistreat a little dog, but unfortunately, it happens every day in this country. And, every single time that it does is simply one too many.

This little dog, in particular, was dehydrated, emaciated, and frozen when two women found her. She was barely alive, and these two caring ladies wrapped some blankets around, placed her in a hamper and took her to their car where the heater was running to warm her up. Then they called the police department and a caring animal control officer named Scott Thrun responded to the call even though it meant leaving his warm bed and going out into the cold night.

After seeing her dire condition, he transported her to the Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic where she could receive the professional care that she so desperately needed. Once there, she was given antibiotics, fluids, and some salve was put on her injured eye. According to Officer Thrun, he would have had to pick her up after she was dead the next morning had it not been for those two kind women who rescued her. Poor little thing. She didn’t deserve to freeze to death in a snowbank.

Now she’s stable, however, a long road to recovery still lies ahead for this little dog. But, she’s lucky to now be living in foster care thanks to the good people at Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue, which is a non-profit organization located in nearby Massachusetts. Since this little dog had no chip or collar and nobody had come forward to claim her, Officer Thrun said they didn’t know who could have been responsible for her. He also said that the person who abandoned her could be facing animal abandonment charges, as well as charges of failure to provide proper veterinary care. Both are misdemeanors and difficult to prove, he said. For now, they’re focusing all their efforts on just nursing her back to health.

Just because dogs and cats have fur coats doesn’t mean that they can stay warm during brutally cold winter months. People have to realize that and put their pets inside both day and night where they can stay warm and be protected from the freezing cold air, wind, snow, and rain. Every single animal in this cold cruel world deserves a warm safe home and, even though we can’t each individually save them all, we can help.

If you see a dog who is tied up outside or is left out in the cold, call someone. If you see a stray who looks like he or she has been abused or is cold and malnourished, call someone. These days, everybody has a cell phone, so let’s use them for something good like getting a freezing dog off the streets and into a warm shelter. Let’s all try to be more like those two women who rescued this little dog and less like the individual who abandoned her. And, even if we can’t be personally instrumental in saving a dog or cat’s life, we can give to organizations like Destiny’s Road Animal Rescue, the ASPCA, or our local animal shelters. Every donation could help a dog or cat to live a longer happier life.

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