The Most Popular Rottweiler Names of 2017

Names have very powerful meaning, both for humans and animals. And for big breeds of dogs, having a powerful name is important to a lot of owners. Rottweilers are a large breed of dog that are associated with strength and it just wouldn’t be fitting to give a large, powerful dog a small cutsie name that doesn’t describe the breed in any manner, no matter if it is male or female. If you are in the market to get a Rottweiler puppy and are searching for names that would be fitting, there are a lot of names that are commonly used for Rottweiler, popular names that you can get ideas from. Here are tips for choosing a good name that works for your dog, and for you.

Keep it short and easy

You will spend the entire lifetime of your dog using his name; many times a day you will be calling him, talking to him, giving him commands, and praising him. You want a name that is easy to say and easy for him to understand and respond to. First of all, the name you choose should not sound similar to any commands you plan to use for controlling your dog as this will only  confuse him. You also do not want to give him a long name that involves more than two syllables. These are difficult to get out of your mouth and say quickly when you are trying to give your dog a command. One to two syllables is recommended for quick, easy delivery and response.

Try some names out

Dog behaviorists recommend trying out a couple of your favorite names on your puppy. Sometimes you can get an idea of how he would respond to a name by trying them out first. If your puppy seems to come to you or respond easier to one over the other, that may mean that he likes the way it sounds, better than the other, and that he may give you better response to it over other names. It could be that it just clicked with him and knowing this, may help you make an easier decision.

Remember that what you choose, is for life

Dogs have an average lifespan of 12-14 years, and the name you choose will be with him through his life, and that is a long time to have to use a name you decide you do not like. If you choose a name that you think is funny at the time you get your puppy but later decide it is rude, ugly or not fitting for him, it is hard to get a dog to recognize or accept a name change. You will want to put some thought into the name before you hastily make a final decision and get him accustomed to it. You should also be considerate of your dog’s feelings when giving them a name, too. They do have feelings and you want to give him or her a name they feel comfortable with and will  enjoy hearing for their lifetime.

Watch for characteristics to help you decide

Sometimes dog owners will find a characteristic of their dog that seems to stand out that clues them in on a name. There is no rule that says you have to have a name picked out the day you get your new pup. Watch him or her for a couple of days and see if there is anything about their personality or another trait or characteristic that stands out that could spark a good name for him or her.

With so many names to choose from, we have compiled a list of the most popular Rottweiler names of 2017 to help you get started.

Male Rottweiler names

Your male Rottweiler will be a big, tough guy and choosing a name that is fitting for this big, strong breed can be done in different ways. Here are what many people use as reference when choosing a male Rottweiler name. Males are typically named after such things as historical places, powerful people, strong personality traits, names that are strong adjectives, etc. So, here we go…here are commonly used Rottweiler names this year.

#1. Apollo – Roman god of the sun

#2. Axel – Peaceful

#3. Boris – Fighter

#4. Brutus – Heavy

#5. Gunther – Battle warrior

#6. Hank – Also means ruler

#7. Kaiser – King

#8. Luther – Famous warrior

#9. Maximus – The greatest

#10. Otto – Prosperous

Female names

Despite having a female Rottweiler, it still doesn’t seem fitting to name a large breed dog, such as a Rottweiler, a froo-froo name or something too “small” in meaning. The female Rottweilers are just as big and tough as males, in a sense, and they, too, should have a strong name. Here are the top female Rottweiler names for this year.

#1. Anka – Graceful

#2. Berta – Bright and strong

#3. Elsa – Strength

#4. Flora – Roman goddess of flowers

#5. Greta – Little pearl

#6. Leta – Glad

#7. Lucia – Light

#8. Pax – Peace

#9. Raina – Mighty

#10. Utta – Rich

The more thought you put into your Rottweiler’s name, the happier you will be every time you call him or her knowing that you put some though and consideration into a name that means something to you and one that you enjoy saying. You will also get enjoyment knowing that it is a name that your dog responds well to and this can help create a happier, more satisfying relationship between you and your dog. If you don’t see a name here, there are all kinds of sites and even books, with dog names to give you more ideas.


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