Puppy Hit By Car Waits 12 Hours in the Snow for Help

Puppy in Snow 1

There is nothing quite as inspiring as witnessing a person triumph over challenges and long odds to survive. Courage, hope, and even luck are all qualities that are incredibly moving and make for powerful stories. However, these stories do not always revolve around humans. Some of the most harrowing and inspirational journeys have been taken by animals. Their resilience and courage is astounding and can speak to people despite being different species. One such tale of struggle and triumph is that of a dog named Nutmeg.

At only 7 months of age, Nutmeg should have been happily playing with a caring family, learning and growing each day. Unfortunately, she was instead walking along a road when she was hit by a car. Unsurprisingly, she was severely injured. Lying in a snowy ditch, Nutmeg was unable to move any part of her body except her tail. It was incredible enough that she survived the hit in the first place, but now she had an entirely new set of challenges to overcome.

Puppy in Snow 2

While she was lucky to be alive, her warm body actually placed her in great danger. As she melted the snow around her and sank deeper, she was nearly impossible to see. In fact, she would end up lying immobilized in the snow for 12 hours that day. It was not until a couple of teenagers who happened to be passing by spotted Nutmeg that she was finally rescued. The teenagers were clearly responsible and compassionate, as they immediately called the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.

It took some further searching in order to find Nutmeg again once the authorities arrived. Even after all this time, the dog was still wagging her tail when she was rescued. She was quickly brought to the Southern Alberta Veterinary Emergency for treatment. While she requires pain medication and is spending most of her time resting, she is expected to make a full recovery. Even better is the fact that she has already gone into the care of a loving foster family, and will be ready for adoption as soon as she has healed from her injuries.

Therefore, while Nutmeg’s story is harrowing, and of course nobody wants to hear that a dog has experienced pain, she ultimately triumphed. Stories like hers, in which incredible odds must be overcome in order to survive, are very inspiring. While her resilience and courage carried her through those long hours in the snow, it was also the efforts of the teenagers who found her and the authorities who have cared for her since that are responsible for the story’s happy ending.

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Agencies like the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society and Southern Alberta Veterinary Emergency clearly do important work to help animals stay healthy and safe. In order to expand their services and ensure that unfortunate animals like Nutmeg are saved, it is imperative that they receive donations. Giving generously to these organizations and others like them is an excellent way to make the world safer for animals, which is something that we all benefit from.

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