Rottweiler Becomes Second Dog Ever To Get Four Prosthetic Limbs

Amputee dog

A Rottweiler in Colorado named Brutus is learning to get around again by himself with the help of prosthetic limbs. When Brutus was just a young pup, his breeder left him outside in freezing temperatures and his four paws suffered from severe frostbite.  Then his breeder tried to take care of his injuries and amputated all of his four paws which left the pup crippled and unable to walk.

Brutus was adopted by a loving family who raised money through an online fundraising website to pay for the medical treatments that the pooch needs.  The campaign was a success and it raised almost $12,500. The donations from good Samaritans helped Brutus had the surgery he needed done.  Dr. Trent Gal at Blue Sky Animal Clinic in Longmon performed the surgery.  He removed bone fragments, dew claws and two toes left from the botched amputation that Brutus’s breeder did.

In order for Brutus to learn how to walk again, he was fitted with prosthetic limbs made by OrthoPets, a Denver-based company.  His prosthetic paws are very special and are designed to have three functions; to protect and make his limbs feel comfortable, to support his front legs and to realign each of his legs. Brutus had his prosthetic paws since September of 2014 and since then he has been learning how to walk again with the help of his foster parent, Laura Aquilina.

“You can’t explain to an animal why you are putting these contraptions on their feet.  You can’t explain it to them, that it’s to help them,” Laura told Fox 31 Denver during an interview.

A certified canine rehabilitation therapist named Sasha Foster of Colorado State University is also working with Brutus.  She helps the pooch with underwater treadmill therapy, exercise balls and other activities that will help him re-learned how to balance and adjust to his new limbs.

Hopefully with the help of his foster parent and his therapist, Brutus will not only learn how to walk again but to run as well.  So far, he is doing great with his new limbs.

Brutus is the second dog to get four prosthetic limbs.  The first dog to ever get four prosthetic limbs is Naki’o who also lives in the state of Colorado.

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