Senior Dog Shows up on Family’s Porch and Gets Adopted


There are loads of stories out there of stray or abandoned dogs finding great homes after a loving family visit the animal shelter, see a dog, fall for it and take it home. It is much rarer for the dog itself to find the family it wants before the family know they want them. However, this is what happened to Chelsee Lopez, her husband and Maggie, a wonderful old black labrador type dog.

One day Chelsee was driving along, nearly at home, when a big black dog came bounding up to the car wanting attention. At first Chelsee was a little apprehensive, as anybody would be when a big dog bounds up at you. However, it soon became clear that the dog was really sweet, loving and just wanted someone to love her. Chelsee was confused as to where the owners were. She gave the dog some food and water and left her out on the porch, assuming that she would eventually head back to where she had come from. However, when Chelsee and her husband woke up the next day, the dog was still there pining for them. She was even still there at the end of the day when Chelsee got back from work.

Chelsee realized that she would have to take the dog to the animal shelter in the hope that somebody would claim her. In her heart, she desperately wanted to keep Maggie, even though she didn’t know it at that point. After a few days at the dog pound, still nobody contacted the shelter about Maggie or came in to look for her. Maggie was lonely and sad but Chelsee and her husband made a special effort to visit her as often as they could. They simply couldn’t understand why anybody would abandon such a lovely animal.

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After a week had gone by without anybody claiming Maggie, the animal shelter took the decision to put her up for adoption. Without a second thought, Chelsee and her husband applied for the adoption and they were successful. They already had a dog, Charlie, and they were concerned how he would react to Maggie. However, in reality they need not have worried as the two got on perfectly. In fact Maggie was really good for Charlies as she made him much calmer.

Sadly, a few months in to owning Maggie she became slightly ill and after a trip to the vet, Chelsee was told that Maggie had diabetes. This would mean that her sight would eventually be lost. Chelsee and her husband were determined to do as much with Maggie as possible before she lost her sight. Even though she is now blind, Maggie remains very loving and happy to be with her family, who love her to pieces.

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