Shelter Dog Learns How to Smile for People Who Walk By

Smiling Shelter Dog 1

It is no mystery why people love dogs so much. Our canine companions are full of love, happiness, mischief, and are incredibly loyal. Dogs offer a great deal of support to their families, whether simply by bringing joy into the house or through training to help people with special needs. Given how lovable they are, it can be surprising to think about the many dogs who are stuck in shelters, waiting to find their forever home. While most of these animals are simply hoping for the day when their new family will find them, some take matters into their own paws.

One of these more proactive dogs is Riley. This 2 year-old dog is currently living at the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, thanks to a homeless man whose heart was big enough to make sure this homeless animal had a place to stay. Unfortunately, Riley has had some difficulty in finding a home. This is very surprising to the staff at the shelter, as they have testified that she is one of the most loving and social dogs they have. Riley is full of joy and happiness, immediately finding friendship with every person and dog she comes across. Regardless, she has yet to find her new family.

Luckily, Riley is much more than simply a playful dog. In addition, she seems to be quite determined, as she and a kennel technician at the shelter devised a plan to help find Riley find her new family. The technician, a woman named Britney Ridge, fell in love with Riley from the moment the two met. She felt that the dog was so happy that she could even smile. As she fed and cleaned her, Ridge would speak to Riley. Just as Ridge believed, an adorable smile would soon creep across the dog’s face.

A quick thinker, Ridge decided to take a picture of the smiling pooch with her phone. The picture is the perfect representation of Riley; a happy and unique dog who is simply looking to find a place to call her own. While every dog deserves a caring family to live with, very few have taken the strategy of smiling for cameras like Riley has. The staff at the shelter are confident that this new approach will surely attract people who are looking to adopt, increasing Riley’s chances of finding her new home.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that many dogs are simply unable to find homes. Worse still, there are far too many dogs walking the streets, as shelters are often unable to care for all of the homeless dogs in their area. For this reason, it is important to find suitable homes for those dogs that are living in shelters. Perhaps with unique strategies like learning to smile, a greater number of canines can meet families who are looking for a pet to complete their home. Riley is leading the way in creative and adorable approaches to attracting prospective adopters, and will surely be filling a house with love and joy in no time.

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