Store Hires Veteran with Service Dog After Job Search Filled with Failure


Life can be difficult for veterans who have returned home after serving overseas. The pressures and horrors of war can follow these brave individuals home, giving them very significant mental health problems. One of the most effective remedies for such issues is a service dog. These dogs are highly trained and can provide assistance in a number of ways. For starters, they are able to sense when their owner is becoming anxious or stressed, and help calm them down. As well, they provide a physical barrier between the veteran and others, which can help individuals who require more personal space. Another benefit is that simply having an animal to look after creates a routine and sense of purpose.

As such, these dogs are invaluable assets to veterans with mental health issues like PTSD. These veterans rely on service dogs in order to function. While this is a wonderful treatment, it can make it difficult to find a job. Veterans who suffer from PTSD are often unable to work unless accompanied by their service dogs, which can severely limit their employment opportunities. Some businesses, however, adopt a more progressive mindset.

One such business is Lowe’s. More specifically, a Lowe’s location in Abilene, Texas, has made waves on social media for hiring a veteran and his service dog. Clay Luthy is a retired Air Force veteran who relies on his dog Charlotte for support. Luthy spent a great deal of time unsuccessfully seeking out employment after returning home. Luckily, he and Charlotte were hired together by Lowe’s.

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The store’s management and human resources staff are quite open-minded. When Luthy was interviewed for the position, he brought Charlotte in with him. He explained to the staff that he required Charlotte for assistance. The store not only hired Luthy, but gave Charlotte a job as well so that the two could be with each other while working. Adorably, Charlotte even wears her own Lowe’s vest while working.

Not only is this a case of inspiring open-mindedness and compassion, it is also an excellent example of why more businesses should hire veterans with service dogs. Charlotte has been far from a hindrance at the store; customers have actually expressed their happiness with seeing the dog while shopping. She is particularly popular with children who are brought to the store.

Lowe’s is a chain that has seen this type of inclusiveness before. Another veteran and his service dog were hired by a Lowe’s location in Regina, Saskatchewan. It is clear that this is a company that values treating people with respect.

Hopefully, more companies will follow the example of Lowe’s and hire veterans with service dogs. These dogs allow their owners to work efficiently and effectively after sacrificing a great deal for their country. Employers should look at the example of Luthy and Charlotte to see how service dogs can actually be an asset to their stores. Ultimately, if the applicant meets the job requirements and is a competent worker, the presence of a service dog should not matter. After giving so much for their country, it is important to afford veterans with the opportunities to live fulfilling lives back home.

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