Stubborn Eating Habits With the Hound Dog: HELP!

Basset Hound Wearing glasses

Writing for a website for dogs certainly is a pleasure as I get to share my knowledge on breeds, health tips, and sweet stories. I enjoy hearing different stories from our comments section, as well as the comments from our fans on Facebook. Dogs are my weak spot an I love talking about them, writing about them, and communicating with them. Outside of writing, I have a good deal of interaction with many dogs because I live in Los Angeles, a dog-loving city. When I take my dog for her daily walks, many times I will come upon a mixed breed and I usually guess the mix correctly. (Yes, that makes me feel good!) Sometimes new owners of rescue dogs will ask me for tips and of course, I am happy to help. I also offer advice if I notice a dog with an issue. I’m no “dog whisperer”, but I know alot about dogs.

Or do I?

Now I have my own situation that I have been dealing with since I brought my Basset Hound home. My 2 1/2-year-old Basset Hound, “Vegas” is trained to perfection as far as “doing her business”; she simply doesn’t know how to go anywhere else but on the grass. “Vegas” is a real attraction to nearly everybody that passes her on the street and sometimes people in their cars will actually slow down to look at her. Not only is my baby a beautiful dog, her personality is even more adoring than her appearance. I have a wonderful dog –period. There is one issue that I have tried to work with, have bent over backwards, and have tried everything under the sun to resolve.

Now I am turning to my readers for some help. Why? My dog is the pickiest eater on the planet. S.O.S!


  1. Patti Needham March 9, 2012
  2. lauren March 9, 2012
  3. Linda Jackson March 9, 2012

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