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Stubborn Eating Habits With the Hound Dog: HELP!

basset hound

Let me paint a picture for you in terms of how my Basset Hound chooses to eat… or not eat. When I first brought her home, Vegas gave me absolutely no problems whatsoever when it came to feeding time. I kept a huge bag of hard dog food in a special closet and every time I would open up the door she went bananas. The sound of her crunching on a holistic dog food was music to my ears and I felt good knowing she was eating a healthy meal. As she grew out of her puppy stage, I started to become lenient and gave her a piece of pizza crust (here and there), chicken, baby carrots, and on her Birthday I made her a steak dinner.


I am not sure if her first steak dinner on her first Birthday turned her against hard dog food, but she just isn’t having it anymore. I have tried several types of dog food – from holistic to organic, to dog foods that the pet store associate claimed tastes the best to dogs. I tried mixing in boiled chicken, special dog gravies, and even went as far as to chopping up a hot dog. When I did this, my Basset Hound truly showed me how tactful she was. She literally found every small piece of chicken and/or hot dog, ate it, and left a bowl full of hard dog food. When she managed to do this she looked at me like she was saying, “Hmm mmm, that chicken was great. Why do you waste your time trying to fool me into eating that gross dog food?”

I managed to keep most of the hair on my head after pulling it out a time or two (kidding, but you get my point) and tried a different approach. I had a conversation with my veterinarian and he told me that if my dog is hungry, my dog will eat. My veterinarian also told me that my dog will not starve starve herself. So I did the whole “tough love” thing and put only hard food in her bowl and left it there. What do you think happened?

My Basset Hound is the epitome of stubborn. Sorry Mr. Veterinarian, it’s going on day two and my dog is going to starve herself!

Just because I write for a website where dogs are the main focus certainly doesn’t mean I have the answer for everything. Obviously if a veterinarian was unable to help solve my issue, I clearly don’t know the answer to what I can do with my Basset Hound. I would have no problems making her meals every day, but I feel that dogs are built to eat dog food for a reason. There are vitamins, minerals and other necessary elements that dogs need and I don’t feel that a home-cooked people meal will deliver that. The longest I allowed my dog to go without eating ( by placing just hard dog food in her bowl) was two days. I caved in and couldn’t stand not seeing her eat.

Now I turn to you, my reader. Maybe I just need more strength when it comes to leaving her bowl sit until she realizes she has to eat what I give her. If you experienced the same with your dog, what was your solution? If you have heard a similar story, what was the solution? I want my Basset hound to live a long healthy life and I feel that if her poor eating habits continue I’m going to run into problems. I cannot continuously make her boiled chicken and feed her crunchy baby carrots just so her teeth don’t rot because I don’t feel it’s nutritious enough.

*Taking a deep breath*

She ain’t nothin’ but a Hound dog—driving me crazy at dinner time!

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4 thoughts on “Stubborn Eating Habits With the Hound Dog: HELP!

  1. Ok I hate to agree with your vet . . . . but your girl will eat when she gets hungry enough. For real. A dog and a human can really go a very long time without food. No joke here. She is simply pitting her will against yours. I have a female pug who did exactly the same thing as I rescued her and her pevious family gave her “people food”. She stuck up her pug nose for about four days and then . . . . she ate!!! Yours will too. An amimal WILL NOT die of starvation when food is available to them. As long as she has water she will be fine. You can win the battle here.

  2. my dogs have tried this with me, and i won’t let it work. she is testing your boundaries, seeing what she can get away with. after grandma and grandpa began sneaking my beagles people food (much to my dismay of course) they started being picky as well. the little one will spit her food across the room.

    the main thing i can tell you to get this situation to end is to not waiver in your routine at all. not even once. dry dog food is specifically formulated to be easy to digest to dogs as well as provide them with nutrition. any variance in that routine can cause a dog’s digestive system to be thrown off, and it can make them sick. and in your case, since she likes people food, she won’t eat anything else.

    put down her food, leave it for an hour or so, then pick it up. at her next meal time give her a new bowl of food and repeat this until she eats. she is simply throwing a long, drawn-out hissy fit, trying to get her way. my beagles know that if they don’t eat when they’re given food, they just won’t eat. you need to reaffirm that YOU are the pack leader, and that you can be dominant as well as loving and nurturing. it’s all about finding that balance.

  3. We have a Doxie Min Pin mix. He is the fussiest I have seen. I have even
    hand fed him every bite. He has the dry food and will eat some but anything else I give him quite often goes untouched. He is so fussy steak has even been left untouched. My son (he is really his dog) said too he wont starve himself. I am a nuturer and cant stand to see him not eat. If you come up with a solution would really love to hear it. My dog a female Doxie will eat anything. She will even stay in the kitchen with me while making dinner and if something flies off the cutting board it is hers. This includes raw potato. What to do?


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