Woman Adopts a Dog and Posts it on Craiglist for $200 an Hour Later

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Adoption exists for dogs as an opportunity for them to find someone loving who will take them in and give them the life they deserve. It is not a service used so people can get dogs and then make money off selling those dogs. The very thought of that is repulsive and unforgivable, but exactly what one Hawaiian woman did. Stories like this make our blood boil.

Thankfully, ABC News got their hands on the story and called her out on it. Her dog was adopted for eight five dollars, and she immediately got home and put it on Craigslist for two hundred dollars. Even worse, the ten year old dog (A Jack Russell named Sally Mae was actually ten years old. So not only was she trying to make money on the dog, she was trying to scam someone. Truth is, the dog is a victim in this as well. Being used as some sort of “scratch ticket” to make more money off of. We cannot help but wonder how many other times this awful human being may have pulled similar stunts. This is why we tell people to go to breeders. It is the only way you can know your dog’s true history and such.

Once this was discovered (Facebookers figured it all out within hours), Sally Mae was taken from the woman and brought back to the shelter. The worst part is, poor Sally Mae is probably all confused. Thinking she had a home, and now doesn’t again. We pray this gives her the opportunity to find the loving forever home she truly deserves.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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