The 20 Most Adorable Puppy Videos of 2017

5. Golden Retriever Puppy’s first bath

This video starts out a little slow, but hang with it because it is well worth watching. The owners of seven golden retriever puppies are showing us the proper way to bathe these little darlings. Not only is the little red golden an adorable little guy, he’s being the model for showing everyone the proper way to bathe a puppy. It’s so sweet that everyone in the family gets together for the event with washing and drying stations.

“Red” has earned the reputation for being one of the most confident and intelligent pups of the litter. He’s so calm and compliant that we were impressed with this little guy. He does have a somewhat miserable look on his face from time to time, but overall, for his first bath, Red did amazingly well. He set the bar for the rest of his brothers and sisters who are coming up next. We had to include this video, not only because Red is so darned cute and adorable, but also because it’s one of the best that we’ve seen that shows a really cool way to give your puppy the first bath in the least traumatic way possible. Thank goodness Red enjoyed the experience.

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