The 20 Most Adorable Puppy Videos of 2017

7. 8 Week old cocker spaniel learns how to fetch

This is an adorable video that was posted earlier in the year. Willow is an eight week cocker spaniel pup who wears a pretty pink collar. It’s time for her training to begin and her owner attempts to teach her how to fetch with a ball. This clip shows how the cute little doll is trying her best to get the gist of the new game, but since she’s never really played fetch before, she starts whining in frustration. Her owner is very patient and gentle with her and just keeps trying. Willow is a beautiful and adorable cocker puppy and aside from the brief interlude of whining, she actually has a pretty great time. The owner does a good job of showing his patience and kindness while he begins her training process. We think she’ll learn pretty quickly because Willow seems like a smart girl.

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