The Cutest Bichon Frise Videos of 2017

The name, Bichon Frise actually means, “Fluffy white dog,” which is pretty much what this breed is. They are dogs that were kept by royalty and as pampered as any dog could be, which is one reason this is a very tolerant breed of pampering, including dressing up in outfits, bows, bandanas, whatever you may get the urge to put on your pup. These are also very loving, energetic and play dogs that love to be with their owner. Their sweet disposition make them great family pets. They are easy to train, and small size makes them easy to take with you where you go so that they can be a part of where you go and what you do. This fun breed of dog also make for some cute videos. If you love the Bichon Frise dog, take a look at cutest Bichon Frise videos of 2017.

1. Two Bichons in the Bahamas

If you have always wanted to take an exotic vacation to the Bahamas but have never had the chance, you may feel a little jealous when you see these adorable little pups living it up in the sun in the Bahamas on their vacation of a lifetime. These little guys, Tig and Spark, have all the fun of boat trips, kayaking and swimming in the crystal clear Caribbean waters, lifejackets on of course. If you watch the video all the way through, you will even see a pig join in the fun and do a little ocean water swimming, too. This is an adorable video of Bichon Frise, especially because it’s not every day you get to see a puppy swimming in the ocean and peeking through the porthole of a boat.

2. Amazing Ozzie Bichon

This is one of the most impressive little dogs who is so cute obeying all of his little commands like a champ. Watch this video to see Ozzie perform every kind of trick and obey orders, such as closing doors, finding particular items he’s been sent to find, crawl, climb under a chair, and much more. He is truly amazing with what he knows and understands, and when it comes to his looks, he’s got that too. Not only are his skills impressive, but he’s a beautiful Bichon with great, fluffy hair that any Bichon would be jealous of. Enjoy this cute Bichon Frise video, one of the best from this year.

3. Bichon puppy can’t reach his treat

This fluff ball desperately wants his treat and he just can’t reach it. Dogs trying to get their snack that’s out of reach, is one of the funniest things to watch. The treat was set on a bed that he is too short to climb on, and his little legs are too short to reach it. This video will have you smiling, and feeling sorry for him at the same time, and you will probably find yourself wanting to help the poor pup, like I did. This is one of the cutest Bichon Frise videos of 2017.

4. Bichon Frise raises his hand when he wants something

Do you remember having to raise your hand in class when you wanted something? This little guy knows that if he wants something, he needs to raise his hand first. In the video, his owner hands him a treat and he immediately raises his little paw to tell her he wants more. One thing is for sure, not all dogs have good manners and will just jump and grab, but this guy has manners and he uses them well. This is one cute pup and he makes one of the cutest Bichon videos. Watch this video to see how proper this breed can be.

5. The dancing Bichon

You probably didn’t know that dogs can dance. At least this little Bichon can, and it is too cute for words. Apparently these two Bichons have a favorite oriental song and they love to dance. These guys are behind their little gate and especially the one Bichon, really gets his groove on by dancing on his hind legs and cutting loose. If you have never seen a Bichon dance, then you have to watch this video. It is the cutest Bichon video.


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