The Cutest Doberman Videos of 2017

Dobermans are a large breed that most people associate with protection and guarding. Yes, they are often used as protection around homes, and for businesses, but they are also just family pets. They may have the ability to big, tough, and sometimes aggressive, (if not properly trained and socialized), but more than that, Dobermans are loyal, and can be very lovable dogs who have great personalities. They are known to be quite the cut-up and be big clowns around their family. Many breeds of dogs make adorable videos when they’re owners catch them on film, and Dobermans, as big and tough as they may look, are one of the breeds who make great videos for us to gush over. If you love Dobermans, or just love dog videos, here are the cutest Doberman videos of 2017 for you to enjoy.

5. Sleeping puppy want a cookie?

There is something about a sleeping puppy that tugs on the ol’ heart strings. They’re like little angels when they’re zonked out after a long day. And this little guy looks completely content and comfortable, stretched out on the couch. All he wants is to dream about toys and cookies, but this owner has a different plan for his puppy. Yes, it’s sometimes fun to tease our pets, and that is just what this owner has in mind. He plays a “cookie” test with his sleeping canine, and if you watch the video, you’ll find out if the Doberman puppy falls for it. It’s really a cute video, and one of the cutest in 2017.

4. Singing and dancing Doberman puppy

Have you ever seen a puppy dance? Probably, but I bet, not exactly like this one. This video is perfect, the choice of music to how this little pup jumps around on the bed and appears to really be moving to the song’s beat. You have to watch this adorable Doberman video, and watch to the end because it’s perfect, too. If you ever wondered if Dobermans have a cute side to them, this video will show you that they really do. It’s one of the cutest Doberman videos you’ll see.

3. Doberman showing off her obedience skills

One thing Dobermans do best, is train easily. They are known for their obedience and this Doberman has obviously been worked with a lot, because she is full of obedience skills and shows them off for the camera. Watch this Doberman as she obeys every command given to her, and without faltering. One of the cutest tricks is her command to “heel.” She jumps to her owners side and scoots in close, and never loses eye contact with him. They are some of the smartest dogs, and this one will show you just how smart and obedient they can be. Now, if only you could get your kids to mind this well.

2. A blast in the snow

Kids and dogs, they both love snow, and here is one Doberman who just got the biggest burst of energy when he ran out into the snow. There’s something about the wintry stuff that brings out the energy in you, and this guy has got plenty of it. Watch him run circles around the yard, dig tunnels, and even say hello over the fence to his neighbor dogs. You will want to join in the fun when you watch this cute Doberman videos, which happens to be one of the best this year. Enjoy.

1. Sliding Doberman

Here it is. The cutest Doberman video, and it’s too cute. If you have never seen a dog sliding down a waterslide, then this will make you laugh, because he’s not a little dog just gliding down a slide, he’s a huge Doberman, and he practically throws himself down the waterslide. He barely hits the water and he’s back at the top of the slide again. You can tell that this dog is having the time of his life, and you can get just about as much enjoyment just watching him. Take a look at this funny Doberman video and get ready to smile!

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