The Cutest Golden Retriever Videos of 2017

One of the most popular breeds of dog, the Golden Retriever, was bred to hunt and retrieve. It has also been rated as one of the top breeds for a family pet due to its loyalty, sweet disposition and intelligence. Due to their wonderful qualities, Retrievers are often used as working dogs in search and rescue missions, as well as they are often trained and work as seeing eye dogs. They are recognized for their long, beautiful, golden-red fur and sweet faces. You just can’t mistake a Golden Retriever when you see one. Although Golden Retrievers are hard workers and take their work seriously, they also love to have fun and be silly, and owners love to film their Retrievers having fun and just being cute. If you love this breed of dog, you’ll love watching these clips. Here 5 of the cutest Golden Retriever videos of 2017.

5. Collection of Golden Retriever videos

This video takes some of the cutest Golden Retriever clip, from puppies to grown Retrievers, and compiles them all into one video. You’ll see some of the most adorable, fuzzy Retriever pups, sleep, play, and one that even rides a Rhumba vacuum. One clip shows one of the cutest, fuzziest puppies ever of any breed, dozing off while sitting, and leaning up against the wall. It’s definitely one that makes you go, “Aww.” Have you ever seen a dog drinking a Starbuck’s out of a cup? Well you’re about to in this video, and he’s enjoying every second of his cream-covered snout doing it. You won’t find a cuter compilation of Retriever clips put into one video, so watch this video and get your dose of cuteness today.

4. Regan learns to help her mom

These two Golden Retrievers are anxious to help their mom when she gets home from work. Oshie, the older Retriever, already knows what to do and is the first to take her momma’s purse and carry it in the house for her. Regan is a little young, but she’s already learning, except there is apparently still some room for improvement. Watch this adorable video of the two Retrievers helping out, well, kind of.

3. Golden Retriever and the ice cream man

This is one smart dog and he loves his ice cream. Zack, the Golden Retriever is definitely good at retrieving, however, in this video, it’s not water foul, it’s ice cream. He waits patiently for the ice cream truck to come and when it finally does, he’s handed his money and goes to retrieve his ice cream. This video is so cute, watching this smart dog stand at the window of the truck and get his cold treat, and I know you’ll agree when you see it.

2. Jackson, the rescued Golden Retriever

Jackson was rescued from a shelter by his new owner just a short time before this video was made, and already, Jackson has learned all kinds of new tricks, including how to wait patiently out in front of a store while his owner shops. It’s amazing to see the obedience Jackson shows, as well as how many people stop to talk to Jackson, and even want to take him home. What makes the story even cuter, is the fact that Jackson wears a sign around his neck to let passerby’s know exactly what he’s doing. Take a look at the video and see if you don’t think Jackson, the Golden Retriever isn’t amazing, too.

1. Duck and dog – best friends

Here we are at the number one spot for the cutest Golden Retriever video and we think you’ll agree. Have you ever heard of a dog and duck being best friends? Probably not, but after you watch this video, you will think, now you’ve heard everything. These two are a couple of very unlikely friends, especially because Golden Retrievers have the natural instinct hunt and retrieve water foul. But when these two met, there was nothing to worry about because these two became instant friends and are now, inseparable. They play, swim, even sleep together and it’s a video that you have to see to believe.


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