The Cutest Maltese Puppy Videos of 2017

Maltese are small, lovable, and make great lap dogs. This breed of dog hails from the central Mediterranean area and they are one of the most gorgeous dogs of the small, toy group. They are known be fearless and confident and greet people with a friendly disposition. Maltese are not only beautiful dogs, they are smart and highly trainable. They are often seen in canine-type competitions, such as obedience, sports, agility, tracking and rally competitions. Not only this, they are often used as therapy dogs, due to their compassionate, loving and calm nature. Maltese are adorable no matter what age, but Maltese puppies are some of the cutest puppies of all breeds. If you love puppy videos, then you will love the following cutest Maltese puppy videos of 2017.

1. Small, Teacup Maltese

Ok, so as if Maltese puppies aren’t small enough, the Teacup version is just too cute. It hardly even seems fair to call them dogs at all, at least when they’re puppies anyways. This little guy, Leo, is just weeks old and he looks like a little stuffed animal a child might carry around, but he’s not. He’s real, and he’s fluffy and full of energy. Watch him jump around and play in his bed that looks, well, way to big for him. This is one of the cutest little Maltese puppies, and he makes one of the cutest videos.

2. Maltese puppy compilation

What’s better than one Maltese puppy video? A video that shows lots of Maltese puppies doing their thing, which is just being their cute little selves. Watch this video to see different Maltese puppies playing, sleeping, stretching, and communicating with their owners, (or barking, if you want to call it that), and just plain having a ball. They are so little and all so new to the world and just trying to figure things out. These little balls of fur will all have you smiling by the end of the video.

3. Smallest Teacup Maltese – Lexie

Ok, be careful because you could step on this one without even knowing, she’s so small. Meet Lexie. She is three months old and only weighs 1 pound and 10 oz. That is seriously small, but her size doesn’t scare her next to her giant-sized owner who is outside playing with this (very) little puppy. Lexie loves to play in the grass. Watch her run around, chase her owner and jump at the camera, all while wearing a big, little smile on her furry little face. It’s not only one of the cutest little Maltese puppies, but it’s one of the cutest videos.

4. Maltese puppy playing with sock

This little Maltese puppy is taking playtime seriously and is attacking a sock with vengeance. There’s nothing cuter than seeing a little puppy learning to play and figuring out how to be a dog. Well, maybe there is, a Maltese puppy who is so small that they are smaller than a sock, but still attacking it, shaking it and dragging it around like a “big dog”. Watch this video and see if you don’t agree that it’s one of the cutest videos of Maltese puppies. Gotta love the ears and hair.

5.  Maltese puppies love alphabet blocks

I don’t think these little guys are trying to learn the alphabet, but they’re having some serious fun with alphabet blocks anyways. This video shows two little Maltese puppies playing with blocks in their little pen, carrying them around, knocking them, chasing them and just having a blast, and it makes for some serious cuteness time. These guys make you want to just grab one up and snuggle with it, but right now, their too busy playing blocks, and that’s serious business for these pups. You might agree, it’s the cutest Maltese puppy video.


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