The Cutest Wheaten Terrier Videos of 2017

The Wheaten Terrier is a fun, lovable and friendly dog. They’re medium statured with squared-off bodies and proportionate heads. They are known for their stripe of fur that grows squarely down the middle of his face. The breed is known to be a great family pet and typically get along well with children and can get along with other dogs, however, they need to be well socialized in order to expect them to be tolerant. If the owner is meek and not strong in disciplining bad behavior, Wheaten’s can grow up to be aggressive towards other dogs. They are very agile and fairly athletic and do need a fair amount of exercise, and are great dogs for small living spaces. Wheaten’s make good watch dogs, and they also make adorable videos. If you are a fan of Wheaten Terriers, then you will really love the following videos. Even if you aren’t familiar with the breed, you will still find all the cuteness that any dog video gives you. So, here are five of the cutest Wheaten Terrier videos of 2017.

1. Learning the steps

It’s such a big accomplishment for the puppy, ok, and the owner, when a puppy learns how to go down stairs. Dog owners who have watched their puppy grow up from a young age, and had to show their pup how to maneuver the steps in their home, all know the pride they feel when their little guy finally goes down the flight on his own. This little Wheaten Terrier is taking on the stairs in his home for the first time, and it’s all caught on tape. Watch this little pup try to get encouraged to go down when he sees his ball tossed down the steps, but chicken out. Instead, he takes an interest in his owner’s flip flop. Finally, the puppy gets brave and starts to make his way down, step-by-step. Too cute, that we had to share in this line up of cutest Wheaten Terrier videos of 2017.

2. What a good bath will do

We all know how good a good bath can feel. You feel clean, fresh and rejuvenated. Well apparently dogs feel the same way after their bath, and this little Wheaten Terrier seems to be extra spry after his bath. In this short, but too cute, clip, you’ll see what an energetic little Wheaten Terrier feels like after he’s gotten all squeaky clean, if you can keep an eye on this streak of fur that keeps your eyes moving and you grinning ear-to-ear.

3. The Wheaten “Gree’ton'”

What would be better than being greeted by ‘one’ Wheaten Terrier rat the end of a long day when you just get home? How about being greeted by five Wheaten Terriers? Yes, this owner gets home, and this gaggle of Wheaten Terriers are already patiently waiting by the door, for her return. The second she opens the door, she is bombarded with Wheaten Terrier hugs and kisses and you don’t want to miss a minute of the cuteness. Watch this video.

4. Home on leave

Everybody loves a dog-owner reunion. But there is something extra special about a soldier returning home on leave and his furry friend waiting anxiously by the door to greet them after a long time of being gone. This Wheaten Terrier gets a surprise when his owner comes home on leave. When the soldier walks through the door, this little guy is full of hugs, kisses, and wiggles. You will feel this pup’s joy when you watch this video of him seeing his owner for the first time in a while. It’s truly one of the cutest Wheaten Terrier videos of 2017.

5. Wheaten Versus Cat

Are you ready for the best boxing match ever? This is no Evander Holyfield match, but takes place between a cat and Wheaten Terrier and it is so cute. The cat is perched up on a stool and the Wheaten Terrier and standing on his hind legs to reach him. Watch this Wheaten Terrier pup really give his best effort to get the cat the best it can, and the cat pass out a few good whacks back at the pup. The Terrier is relentless in this dog-on-cat fight, and you’ll have to watch this adorable video to see who finally wins, if anyone does.


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