Watch How this Rottweiler Gobbles down a Cheeseburger

Dog gets cheeseburger

When it comes to fast food, we humans can’t seem to get enough of it.  While it’s not the healthiest food in the world, it is really tasty.  Just like us humans, our canine friends seem to love a bit of fast food every once in a while.  The dog in this next video is a prime example of that, as you will see. This very funny video contains a very happy Rottweiler that is sitting in the back of his owner’s car.  Apparently this dog done something really good and his pet dad has decided to get his pooch a treat, via a fast food window.

The dog owner orders a cheeseburger for his fury friend and pulls up to the window.  But instead of grabbing the burger himself, he allows the dog to get it.  The person running the drive-thru was a bit nervous about handing the very large dog the food, but with the owners consent she give it to the dog.

As the dog gets the burger the man pulls out of the restaurant and the dog can be seen opening his new treat.  Just like a person, the dog uses his paws and mouth to open the wrapper.  It’s really funny to watch this very human like dog.  It seems that this pooch has done this before and doesn’t even make a mess in the car.

I wonder what other kind of fast food this dog enjoys.  Maybe the next time when he goes to the restaurant, he will get some chicken nuggets or maybe even an ice cream.  What do you think?  I am sure that this pooch eats mostly doggy kibble, but a meal on the go from his favorite burger place is definitely something that brings joy to this animal’s life.

While many people would be against giving dogs this kind of food, every now and then I think allowing them this kind of treat is ok.  If you want to see this canine enjoying a cheeseburger, then you should defiantly check out the video for yourself. It will surely put a smile on your face.

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