20 Things That Only Small Dog Owners Understand

All dog owners have a certain experience in common. The happiness of bringing the new family member home, the huge expense of that first vet visit, and the pride in seeing your new friend thrive in their new environment. Dogs are one species of mammal that differs so greatly in appearance that it’s amazing that they all came from the same hereditary source, Canis lupus. Sure all dogs have four legs and most breeds bark but that is where the similarity ends.

One most common division of dogs is that of small dogs vs. large dogs. We choose to select one or the other as pets for a reason. Some dogs are employed as shepherds, police dogs, army dogs, hunting dogs and some are just selected as they are just so darn cute. Not that larger dogs don’t have their appeal but there is a vast difference, however, between large breed and small breed dogs. Large dog owners develop their treasure trove of knowledge like how to keep your Labrador from sniffing folks at crotch level to how to get that sweet monster into a bathtub.

Small dog owners also learn the ins and outs of owning a diminutive member of the canine variety, some so small that a newborn human baby at birth weighs more than they do in adult years. To really understand your friends, relatives, and neighbors who own the smaller canine variety, you need to get some tips about what is special about small breed dogs to them and what they know about them that they wish you did too.

Here are twenty things that small dog owners know that you should consider.

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