20 Visible Signs That Your Dog is Sick

If you were expecting the same old-same old list that has been copied from 100 different Internet sites, keep reading. Sure, I did the usual check of quality websites to be sure I’m not delivering nonsense to you, but I have owned several dogs over the years, including a Sheltie (the mini kind), a mixed breed collie, and a dog of questionable character who looked more like a wolf than a dog. Acted like one, too. And most dog owners know other dog owners, so more than just my own furry friends I have come to know something about the canine species.

Anyone who has owned a dog knows there are 100 good stories that go with them. Instead of writing a depressing article about sick puppies, I’ll be sure to inject some stories to lighten up the mood. At least when your dog throws up on your light colored carpet you’ll have a memory to connect to it. I have also provided a few comedy video clips to remind you that dogs can be funny people too.

The logic is that while all puppies are dogs, not all dogs are puppies. There are visible signs of sickness in puppies that you rarely will see in adult dogs, so be sure to remember the difference. One way that often works in determining if your puppy or dog is sick is to see their reaction when you use the word “bath.”

So here we go. There is no particular order or rank of these signs, so it is best to treat every sign as a potentially serious matter.

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